Chuck Baldwin is wrong about Ryan Zinke

by Dr. Ed Berry, NewsWithViews (2000-word version), 2800-word version below

Pastor Chuck Baldwin’s “Ryan Zinke: The Greater Evil” rejects accepted Christian theology, supports Alinsky-trained Obama and his plan for America, and tells you to vote for an unqualified Democrat rather than for highly-qualified Navy Seal Commander Ryan Zinke for Montana’s sole seat in the US Congress.

Baldwin refers to me as “a local online Republican hack”. I am editor and publisher of and I will reveal the truth about Chuck Baldwin and correct his lies about Ryan Zinke.

Baldwin writes Republican Ryan Zinke is “a big-government, pro-war, pro-Police State Neocon” but provides no evidence to support his claims. The fact is Ryan Zinke is just the opposite of Baldwin’s claims. Baldwin is delusional.

Baldwin claims, “Not only is Zinke not a conservative, he isn’t even much of a Republican.” The truth is Baldwin is the one who is not a conservative.

I know Ryan Zinke very well. Zinke is for small government, anti-war except when necessary to defend America, anti-police state, and he is not a neocon.

If Baldwin were concerned about truth, he would have attended the noon meeting of the Kalispell Pachyderm Club on October 3, 2014, and asked Zinke questions. But Baldwin is not concerned about truth.

The Southern Poverty Law Center claims Baldwin is “a leader in the anti-government Patriot movement” but Baldwin’s actions favoring Democrats suggest he is a leader in the “pro-government anti-Patriot movement” masquerading as an anti-government patriot.

Since moving to Montana in 2010, Baldwin has regularly attacked Republican candidates and promoted the Evil Mantra that helps elect Democrats.

Baldwin’s diatribe against Ryan Zinke boils down to three claims that I define for reference:

  1. The Evil Mantra ™: “A vote for the lesser of two evils is still a vote for evil.”
  2. The Moron Mantra ™: “Republicans are as bad as Democrats.”
  3. The Voting Decision ™: Democrat John Lewis is the better candidate for US Congress than Republican Ryan Zinke.

The Evil Mantra

Baldwin confuses the Evil Mantra with Republican Party politics. They are separate.

Philosopher Kempis rejected the Voting Mantra and recommended its opposite in the 15thcentury in his The Imitation of Christ, where he wrote Of two evils we should always choose the less.

Philosopher St. Thomas Aquinas confirmed Kempis’s conclusion in his Summa Theologica, where he tells us our moral duty is to vote to achieve the most possible good and cautions we cannot achieve good by voting for a candidate who cannot win.

Philosopher Pope John Paul II agreed with Kempis and Aquinas in his Evangelium Vitae (The Encyclicals of John Paul II and The Genius of John Paul II). He wrote circumstances can create compelling reasons to vote for the so-called “lesser of two evils” if we can help prevent worse evils from occurring. In the example of abortion, he wrote we should vote for a more restrictive abortion law, or the “lesser of two evils”, over a less restrictive abortion law:

“This does not in fact represent an illicit cooperation with an unjust law, but rather a legitimate and proper attempt to limit its evil aspects, in order to prevent worse legislation from being adopted.”

The clear statements of Kempis, Aquinas, Pope John Paul II, and others, let us formulate the True Voting Principle:

True Voting Principle (tm): Our moral duty is to vote to achieve the most possible good, which eliminates voting for candidates who cannot win.

The Protestant Revolution did not reject the historical Catholic position on voting. All major Christian religions accept the True Voting Principle.

The True Voting Principle requires that we not set mandatory conditions for a candidate to get our vote because that would conflict with our compromise necessary to achieve the most possible good.

The True Voting Principle leaves to each person the decision of how to vote to achieve the most possible good.

Some evangelicals believe they cannot vote for a candidate who is not 100 percent anti-abortion. Their belief is immoral because not voting cannot achieve the greater good.

America’s Founding Fathers used the True Voting Principle to create our Constitution. Had they set mandatory conditions we would not have our Constitution.

Baldwin’s Moral Errors

Baldwin’s first moral error is adopting the Evil Mantra cult which conflicts with all major religions. The 1960’s progressives started it. Third-parties adopted it. But it never worked and progressives abandoned it after their loss to Bush in 2000.

Baldwin’s second moral error is setting mandatory conditions for his vote, which makes impossible the political compromise necessary to achieve the most possible good.

Baldwin’s third moral error and deception is claiming there is no difference in Republicans and Democrats by only listing the similarities rather than listing the differences.

Oath Keepers National Chaplain Baldwin, Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes, and the John Birch Society moved to Montana in 2010 and infiltrated Montana’s tea parties. They preach the Evil Mantra, deceive tea party voters to vote Libertarian, and thereby helped elect Democrats Tester as US Senator and Steve Bullock as Governor. George Soros could not have been happier.

Baldwin’s background

Baldwin’s Christian Bible College External Degree Programs Exempt Status Curriculum does not include critical studies in history, philosophy, logic, and the scientific method. Baldwin is outside his area of expertise in promoting the Evil Mantra.

The Moron Mantra

Baldwin claims “Republicans are as bad as Democrats”. Political consensus differs.

  • Washington’s Blog writes Obama is worse than Bush in favoring the super-elite, bailing out banks and protecting financial criminals.
  • Jason Scheurer writes that Obama is worse than Bush on civil liberties abuses.
  • Kent Hoover reports “Americans now think Obama is worse than Bush.”
  • A Time poll concludes “Obama is the Worst President since World War II.”

In 2012, Baldwin attacked Mitt Romney and helped Barack Obama:

“… Romney-Ryan administration will do nothing to change the downward spiral of the nation. They will continue the fanatical interventionist, preemptive war policies of Obama and Bush. They will also continue to build and construct the Orwellian domestic Police State …”

Obama is not just another Democrat. Obama is the first Alinsky-trained, progressive US President who hates America and whose goal is to make America a second-rate country. Hillary, the other Alinsky-trained progressive, is in line to put the last nail in America’s coffin. Baldwin does not understand or reveal this critical factor.

Mitt Romney’s 2012 “Plan for America” counters the rightwing extremist claim that there is no difference between Romney and Obama, or between Rs and Ds. Voters who rejected Mitt Romney should realize what they lost. When will they ever learn? Will Baldwin ever learn?

Voters who think Romney and Obama are similar overlook these critical differences:

  • Romney is not an Alinsky desciple. Obama is an Alinsky professional.
  • Romney is a real American who wants to help America. Obama wants to make America a second-rate country.

The same people who preached Romney was no better than Obama are still out there today preaching there is no difference between Republicans and Democrats.

This interview with Generals Paul Vallely and Tom McInerney proves these anti-American extremists are not only wrong but they are a danger to America:

Top US Generals say Obama killing America say Obama and his staff are dumbest national security leaders America has ever had, they have put America in grave danger, Obama changed the US position from fighting terrorism to aiding and comforting terrorism, Obama may cause a Constitutional Crisis if he continues to refuse to protect the American people from the threat of ISIS and radical Islam, and, if this occurs, it may be necessary for the US Military to remove Obama from office.

Obama appointed 2 Supreme Court judges. One more and Obama will swing the present conservative-liberal balance from 5-4 to 4-5. That is only one cost of Baldwin’s 2012 irrational attack on Romney.

Obama plans to change our electoral system to reflect popular vote by executive order, which will make America a one-party system. Those who complain about our two-party system will have more to complain about when we are a one-party system.

The Republican Platform is much more conservative than the Democrat Platform. In addition, here are some Republican Resolutions:

  • Resolution In Support Of Secure Borders, Economic Growth, Prosperity and National Immigration Policy Reform
  • Resolution on Religious Freedom in The Military
  • Resolution Concerning Common Core Education Standards
  • Resolution for Marriage and Children 2013
  • Resolution Requesting Accountability from the Department Of Homeland Security
  • Resolution Supporting a Strong Space Program
  • Resolution Exposing United Nations Agenda 21
  • Resolution Opposed to the United Nations Global Taxes
  • Resolution In Support Of the Federal Reserve Transparency Act
  • Resolution Concerning Protecting American Sovereignty and Defending Individual Second Amendment Rights from United Nations Interference
  • Resolution Opposing “National Popular Vote Compact”
  • Resolution on Obamacare: Repeal and Replace For Free Market Solutions
  • Resolution on Cap-And-Trade
  • Resolution Recognizing the Democrats’ March toward Socialism

Democrats promote United Nations Agenda 21. Republicans oppose Agenda 21.

Democrat votes with zero Republicans passed Obamacare and its tax increases. 46 Democrats vote against Second Amendment. 47 Democrats vote against First Amendment.

Republicans support, and Democrats do not support, CFACT’s “Climate Truth File” and “Energy & Environment Truth File”.

If you are true conservative, you will help elect Republicans. If you are a fake conservative, you will reject Republicans and help elect Democrats. Which is worse: a RINO or a fake conservative? Answer: A RINO votes for our freedom; a fake conservative votes for our slavery.

Baldwin’s false claims

Baldwin’s argument against Zinke is illogical and deceitful. He does not make an objective comparison of Lewis versus Zinke. He attacks only Zinke and withholds information about Lewis, which is the same as lying.

Oath Keepers National Chaplain Chuck Baldwin tells us to vote for the Democrat John Lewis over Republican Navy Commander Ryan Zinke, using arguments that could not pass muster in the third grade.

Baldwin regurgitates Miller’s claims against Zinke but Baldwin did not disclose Miller was helping Rosendale’s primary campaign against Zinke, and Miller had ethics claims against him in his 2012 run for governor. Baldwin regurgitates Larry Bailey’s claims against Zinke but Baldwin did not disclose Ryan Zinke’s reply that shows Bailey’s claims are invalid.

Baldwin claims Zinke is “weak on the Second Amendment” because “he is on record as saying “civilians” should not be allowed to possess .50 caliber rifles”.  Baldwin hides this truth:

“After one of his SEAL teams developed the .50 cal sniper rifle, Zinke was concerned about it being sold over the counter because its accuracy and destructive ability could overpower law enforcement. After Montanans supported the .50 cal, Zinke did also. Zinke strongly believes in our fundamental, individual right to keep and bear arms.  He supports open carry and concealed carry permit laws, national concealed carry reciprocity, and extending this right to our national parks, national forests and other public lands.”

The truth is Baldwin is a traitor to our Second Amendment because he supports John Lewis who will vote with Obama against the Second Amendment, like the 46 Democrats and no Republicans did in the US Senate.

Baldwin claims military officer experience is of no value in Congress but he has no military experience so how would he know? The fact is basic college ROTC training, like I had at Caltech, is invaluable to understanding our military’s role in defending America. Everyone in Congress should have this basic education. So should preachers.

Voter’s Edge writes about John Lewis:

  • John Lewis has no political experience or political accomplishments.
  • John Lewis has never had a real job. His only employment was as an assistant to Montana Democratic Senator Max Baucus from 2003 to 2013.
  • John Lewis’ education is limited to a BA degree in political science, Western Washington University writes John Lewis is bad for Montana”:

  • After more than a decade working under Baucus, John Lewis has pocketed over $568,000 of taxpayers’ money.
  • Lewis has been laying the groundwork for his campaign by visiting every county in Montana on the taxpayers’ dime.
  • Lewis has spent nearly 12 years working under Baucus and was a top aide to the “chief architect” of Obamacare.

John Lewis is a global-warming eco-freak who will help Obama shut down American energy production because he believes our carbon dioxide emissions are destroying the planet. He supports Obama, Obamacare, EPA, and liberal judges.

The Real Ryan Zinke

Republican Ryan Zinke has an MBA in Finance, an MS in Global Leadership, and a BS in Geology. He was a Commander of Special Forces in Kosovo and Iraq, and the Dean of Special Forces Training and Education. He saw combat in Bosnia/Kosovo and Iraq, and earned two Bronze Stars in Iraq.

Here’s a factual comparison of Ryan Zinke to John Walsh.

Here are debate videos showing Zinke demolishing Lewis.

I have spent many hours talking to Ryan Zinke. He is the most honest, intellectual political candidate I have ever known. He is sincere and truthful. He has children who are in the military. He has seen war and he does not support war except when necessary to defend America.

Personally, I cannot imagine having a better representative in Congress than Navy Commander, Seal Team Leader, Ryan Zinke. He is humble and sincere. He cares about people. He listens to you. He never boasts.

Here are some facts about Ryan Zinke where the percent scores come from VoteSmart:

  • Zinke is prolife. NARAL scored Zinke 0% because he was the only candidate to carry the “Assault on Unborn Victims” bill in the Montana Senate. Montana Family Foundation scored Zinke 90%, the Montana Women’s lobby 20%, and the Human Rights Network 25%, which are excellent pro-life scores. Zinke is endorsed by the National Right to Life Committee.
  • Zinke supports local control of education. MEA-MFT, which is about union control rather, scored Zinke 25% for not voting in its favor. Zinke wrote, “I firmly believe we must ensure more local control of our schools and give parents a stronger voice.”
  • Download Zinke’s “Excelling in Education”.
  • Zinke strongly supports our Second Amendment. Montana Shooting Sports Association (MSSA) scored Zinke 69% and Lewis 0%. Zinke scored 100% on his 2014 reply to MSSA but returned it too late to be logged.
  • Zinke protects private property. United Property Owners of Montana scored Zinke 90%.
  • Zinke strongly supports a peacetime balanced budget amendment and a dramatic reduction in the size and scope of government. He wants government to get out of the way of business and cut burdensome regulation. Montana Chamber of Commerce rated Zinke 92%.
  • Download Zinke’sBringing high-tech jobs to Montana”.
  • Zinke believes coal, oil, and gas energy development is critical to growing America’s economy and energy independence.  He supports renewable energy provided it competes on the open market without subsidies.
  • Download Zinke’s “Energy Plan – Powering our Economy”.
  • Zinke believes Obamacare is reckless and will lead to higher costs with less medical care. He supports the alternative Republican US Congress healthcare plan.
  • Zinke supports a strong national defense. He calls for action against ISIS and for action to save our US Marine held hostage in Mexico.

Ryan Zinke will defend Montana’s right to own its water. All the tea party folks who can’t stop complaining about how the fed wants to take over Montana’s water need to start talking about the best solution to their water problem: vote for Ryan Zinke.

For more information, read Ryan Zinke’s America and click here and here.

Libertarians should vote for Ryan Zinke because he scores 100% in The Daily Signal’s three areas where conservatives and libertarians share the same values:

  1. Preference for small government,
  2. Support for “religious liberty”,
  3. Belief in a strong, stable family structure.


Baldwin’s Evil Mantra conflicts with all major religions. His promotion of the immoral Evil Mantra makes his Liberty Fellowship a cult.

Baldwin shows his true colors by promoting Lewis over Zinke. Baldwin is not a “freedom fighter”. He is a progressive in fake conservative clothing. His consistent attacks  on good Republican candidates, who are in his mind the “lesser of two evils”, is an attack on American freedom.

Baldwin concludes:

“As for me, I don’t vote for “the lesser of two evils.” But, I can tell you this: the Republican Ryan Zinke scares me a whole lot more than the Democrat John Lewis. And that’s a fact.”

Indeed, Baldwin would rather elect an unknown Democrat who will support Obama’s policies to US Congress than to elect Republican Ryan Zinke who will fight for conservative principles and our freedom. That’s why Baldwin is scared of Zinke.

Montanans are very concerned about the Federal government taking control of Montana’s water. Ryan Zinke is the only candidate who will support the State of Montana’s right to retain ownership and control of its water. It’s time for Montana voters to wake up and support Ryan Zinke if they want Montana to keep its water rights.

The True Voting Principle tells us to always vote to achieve the greater good. All true conservatives who follow this master principle will vote for Ryan Zinke, who is clearly the best choice for all Montanans, conservatives, Libertarians, and tea party voters.

© 2014 Edwin X Berry, PhD – All Rights Reserved

Dr. Ed Berry is editor and publisher of based in Bigfork, Montana. He has a PhD in Physics, is a Certified Consulting Meteorologist, and an expert in climate change who takes the position that our carbon dioxide emissions are insignificant to climate change. Read Ed’s bio here.

Copyright (c) 2014 by Edwin X Berry

True Voting Principle, Evil Mantra, Moron Mantra, Suicide Mantra are Trademark (tm) 2014 by Edwin X Berry


15 thoughts on “Chuck Baldwin is wrong about Ryan Zinke”

  1. Gosh, I don't see the Baldwin-Berry debate…LOL

    The Daily Inter Lake is proud to sponsor a debate Sunday among all three candidates for Montana’s lone seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.

    It promises to be a heated and informative 90 minutes.

    Republican Ryan Zinke, Democrat John Lewis and Libertarian Mike Fellows will face off at Flathead Valley Community College at 5 p.m.

    Panelists for the debate will be the Inter Lake’s managing editor, Frank Miele, and community editor, Carol Marino, as well as Matt Bunk, publisher of the Western News in Libby. The moderator will be Matt Baldwin, editor of the Whitefish Pilot.

    Tickets are needed to attend the debate, and they have already been distributed through the three campaigns as well as through a random online drawing hosted on the Inter Lake’s Facebook page.

    However, we encourage all our readers to take time to watch the debate live on the Internet Sunday at If you can’t view it then, we plan to archive video of the debate on our website later in the week.

    Voting is serious business. Make a pledge to learn everything you can about the candidates for this and other races before sending in your ballot or visiting your polling places on Nov. 4.

  2. We visited with Ryan at a "meet and greet" last night in Corvallis and he was super. He was sharp, personable and articulate. He was conservative on every question asked of him. We will vote for Ryan and recommend those folks thinking about Fellows re-think and consider Ryan. Thank you.

  3. vinny in Livingston

    The fact that Zinke recently brought in DICK CHENEY to give his campaign a bump tells me where his politics really reside.
    If you're a Cheney fan, vote Zinke, but the lesser of these two evils is the third choice. Fellows.

  4. @3, Dear Vinny, if you were running for Congress you would find that you would need to appeal to voters in the middle as well as voters on the far right. Zinke made a good political decision to bring in Cheney to help him get votes from undecided voters in the middle and to encourage mainstream Republican to vote.

    Cheney's support does not change Ryan Zinke's political positions. If you care only about Montana keeping its water rights, your only choice is Zinke. If we elect Lewis because some Libertarians do not vote for Zinke, then say bye bye to our Montana water rights. Same for all the other issues I list.

    Always vote to achieve the greater good.

  5. Sir, You are a complete fool and obviously a stooge and useful idiot for the godless, morally bankrupt and rudderless Republican party.

    May I refer you to the Bible and Jesus’s teaching on sin? Whereas you cite godless men like the pope and others as reasons to vote for the ‘lesser of two evil’ , and actually mock Christians who despise all sin based on Biblical teachings, and those like myself who would NEVER vote for any candidate that is morally bankrupt and godless , especially like the Candidates that the Republicans fielded in Romney[ a godless cultist who believes Jesus and satan are brothers and that when he dies, he will be given his own planet and inhabitants to rule, as well as his avid love and support of same-sex marriage, homosexuality and abortion,] and McCain , a godless self professed AGNOSTIC, Vietnam War false hero, but TRAITOR who sold out every real POW and Vietnam Vets like myself and Thousands of others. If those weren’t enough reasons for any literate and Moral American not to vote for either of them, they are both Non Natural Born Citizens of the USA, and just like Obama, were forever prohibited from being POTUS by the US Constitution, Artcle II Section I, Clause 5. .

    Jesus, when asked which was the greater sin, replied that all sin is equal, none is greater than the other , and all sin is despised by God.
    That pretty much makes your worldly stance to be very foolish, and the foolish and destructive thinking of carnal man. After all, electing a perceived lesser sinful man would still insure that our nation remains in rebellion against God and His demands for righteous living.

    You sir, are a fool, who thinks he knows better than God. Satan must really get a laugh out of how readily you are to abet him and his destructive evil.

    You are the one who needs to apologize to Dr. Baldwin as he doesn’t need to apologize to anyone for His rightfully standing upon the Word of God for righteous living.

    Morgan S. Ward

  6. Ed,

    Like you, I suspect Mr. Zinke may win the election. Like many other Republicans I am most concerned that Mr. Zinke may not act in the long-term best interests of our Citizens and our Bill of Rights: Three of my specific concerns relate to:

    1) The Individual Citizen's Right to Arms & Zinke's questionable belief in the Bill of Rights as documented by his statements and his Montana State Senate voting record.

    2) The Invasion and Occupation of our country by 20 or 30 million or more illegals all of whom are criminals to one extent or another: from illegal entrants into our country, to welfare cheats, to illegal voters, to serial rapists and murderers. These illegals are given enormous amounts of welfare benefits, free schooling, free medical care, and Affirmative Action Preference over the majority of our own Citizens. Some articles document this cost as $600 billion or more per year. (About the same as the military budget.)

    3) Mr. Zinke's stated position that we must again go into the middle east, at enormous cost, seeking dragons to slay and more long-term enemies to make. This time in order to kill some 30,000 or so ISIS members in rag-hats and flip-flops, whom we previously trained and equipped. We have not won a war in the Middle East or Asia since 1945: Korea, Viet Nam, Iraq, Afghanistan , Libya, Somalia, Syria, etc., etc., etc. (I was an F-4 pilot during the 60s…been there & done that.)

    I note with particular interest Mr. Zinke's avoidance of an official position on the enormous criminal destruction and dollar cost to our citizen-taxpayers of these illegals/invaders. The most Mr. Zinke seems to be willing to do is to possibly close the barn door, but not to go recover the horses! (Secure the border, but not to protect our Citizens and remove the illegals who are already here.) (Ed, is this the "conservative" Republican position as you understand it?)

    Republican Congressman Steve King of Iowa has stated that based on his information illegal aliens kill 25 Americans each day or about 9,000 per year. That is more than three times those killed in the Twin Towers incident EACH YEAR. Why aren't we bombing Mexico? Round 'em up move and 'em out. During WWI and WWII we moved our American troops in boxcars (Forty and Eight Society)…If it is good enough for Americans it is good enough for Mexicans, etc.

    From your essay, above:

    "'Baldwin claims Zinke is “weak on the Second Amendment” because “he is on record as saying “civilians” should not be allowed to possess .50 caliber rifles”. Baldwin hides this truth:"'


    “After one of his SEAL teams developed the .50 cal sniper rifle, Zinke was concerned about it being sold over the counter because its accuracy and destructive ability could overpower law enforcement. After Montanans supported the .50 cal, Zinke did also.

    This is a most important character flaw on Mr. Zinke's part as this is not a position to be moved by "opinion" as it is an enormously important 2nd Amendment/Bill of Rights/Constitutional issue that goes straight to Zinke's character and his Sacred Oath to the Constitution.

    Ed, a "sniper rifle" is a relatively accurate rifle used by a person designated by his organization as a "sniper". Many good quality hunting and/or target rifles would easily qualify. "Target" ammunition is used for "sniping". 50 caliber target rifles were used in, and developed for, the sport of long range target shooting long before Mr. Zinke joined the Navy. There were many manufacturers of bolt action parts for a 50 cal rifle. Many were constructed by custom gunsmiths. In fact, the "Fifty Caliber Shooters Association, Inc. (FCSA)" dedicated to the sport of long range target shooting of the 50 caliber rifle (50 BMG cartridge), was incorporated in 1985, which, I understand, was prior to Mr. Zinke's commissioning in the US Navy. (For a number of years I was a member of FCSA.)

    In 1982 Ronnie Barrett, a professional photographer, designed and constructed his semi-auto 50 caliber rifle for the target shooting sportsman. He sold his first three at a gun show. After the rifle was in the shooting sports arena, and after the rifle had been proven in the sports arena, the CIA purchased a number of Ronnie's rifles for the Afghan Mujahideen. This civilian developed sporting rifle is in wide use as a target rifle and as a military and CIA type "sniper" weapon. Sweden was reportedly the first country to purchase this rifle for military use in 1989, followed by the US, etc. I believe the US military designation for the first unit was M82A1. There have been several upgrades and modifications over the years. The current civilian and military model is designated by Barrett as the M107A1. Dedicated target shooters will often have additional work done to further "accurize" their particular rifle as well as work up custom hand-loads specifically for long-range target use.

    Ed, Zinke's Comment that one of his SEAL teams developed the 50 cal sniper rifle sounds more like Saturday night bar-talk than documented history…Republicans should know that the best stuff is developed by private enterprise and most certainly not by today's federal government bureaucrats!)

    Ed, you stated:

    "Zinke strongly supports our Second Amendment. Montana Shooting Sports Association (MSSA) scored Zinke 69% and Lewis 0%. Zinke scored 100% on his 2014 reply to MSSA but returned it too late to be logged."

    N o t E x a c t l y :

    While the vast majority of Montana Republican State Senators have received an "A" rating from MSSA and, further, are endorsed by MSSA, Zinke received a "B" based on his actual performance in voting in the Montana Senate, which puts him in the bottom third of elected Republicans in the Montana State Senate…Votes count more than words.

    Zinke is NOT endorsed by MSSA…Danes is endorsed. Only three Montana Republican State Senators scored lower than Zinke. (AND, Lewis did not receive a "0", he received a "?" as he did not get his survey in on time and has no voting record.)

    I believe many Republicans are very concerned that Zinke is a Closet RINO and once he is in as a Republican it will be very hard to replace him with a true conservative.

    Thus, conservative Republicans believe it may be better to take a short term (2-year) hit by electing Lewis with the intent to replace him in 2016 with a true conservative for the long term. (Strategic retreat for an over-all win.)

    Bruce Charles

    PS: Morgan Ward is exactly right about McCain being a Traitor to the POWs…I worked for many years on the Viet Nam POW situation. Two books that document Morgan's description are "Kiss the Boys Goodbye" (Stevenson), and "An Enormous Crime" (Hendon, et al). bc

  7. Bruce Charles,

    I really enjoyed your very informative comment. You really gave me a better perspective in everything that is at issue in Montana's election.

    I wanted to add just one other item regarding McCain and the POW issue. Besides being labeled as a traitor by all of the Hanoi Hilton POW's , McCain was also given the nickname 'Songbird' by all of the Hanoi Hilton POW's because he willingly sang like a canary to all of the North Vietnamese, even giving bombing codes, even when there was absolutely no evidence he was being threatened or harmed in any way. As someone who retired from the US Army with 20 years in the Field Artillery, and a Vietnam Veteran, we were aware of McCain's traitorous behavior while serving in Vietnam and after our return. We knew he was a fake war hero and traitor to His nation.

    The Remaining POW's testified before a Senate Committee and every one of the real POW's called McCain a Traitor.

    McCain and John Kerry were co-chairs on a Senate Select Committee looking into the confirmed reports of POW sightings in Vietnam. They ridiculed everyone of those who testified before the committee. On most occasions, the people testifying did so with just a Microphone as Kerry or McCain wasn't even present to hear their testimony.

    Even though there were numerous live sightings of our POW's, McCain and Kerry jointly effectively ended our nation's search for our POW's and left them all to die , as they determined there wasn't any POW's remaining in Vietnam..

    All was not lost by Kerry though, as a reward of his part in ending the search for our POW's, thus appeasing the North Vietnamese Government, Kerry's family was given exclusive rights to all of the future real estate deals in Vietnam.

    Both McCain and Kerry should have never been allowed to serve in our Government, and instead, should have been charged with treason and the direct reason that our POW's were abandoned.

    I apologize for getting on this tangent and off subject, but this has really affected me since the late 60's. I can assure anyone that just for their traitorous actions alone, i would have never voted for either McCain or Kerry for even Dog Catcher.

    Thanks for your work with the POW issue , and hopefully, your informing the Public and making them more aware about Traitor John McCain, whom about 44% of the nation voted to be their president..

    Again, Mr. Charles, thanks for your keen insight and you helped me to see what is at stake in the race in Montana.

  8. @ Ed
    1) Any self proclaimed "conservative" that moves toward the "middle" moves toward the left'

    2) I spoke with Zinke earlier this year about the CSKT water rights compact and how it would affect MT water rights. He had no clue as to what I was talking about.
    BTW Those who ARE in the know regarding our water rights are voting Libertarian.

    Let us make our own decision after tonight's debate. Oct 19 5PM

  9. @8 Dear Ele,
    Thank you. You just made my case. Unless you have included in your "in the know" group about 245,000 voters to assure the Libertarian will win, you will be wasting your vote. And if you did have 245,000 voters, the national polling agencies would have you on their radar.

    Therefore, how can such an enlightened "in the know" group think they are solving their water rights problem by voting Libertarian?

  10. @ Dr Ed. eyes are not open wide shut. I didn't request or need these missing GOVERNMENT docs. However, the only one page that did catch my eye( B4 I quit wasting my time) was page 5. Zinke's Degree from the University of San Diego. His Degree of Master of Science Global Leadership.
    Nuff said?

  11. @12 Dear Ele, Here is the curriculum of Zinke's MS in Global Leadership. Seems to me this is a valuable curriculum to prepare for US Congress. This puts Zinke way ahead of Lewis.

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