Will you support our Republican Candidates?

by Dr. Ed Berry

This subject began over a month ago as a public email among about 62 Montana participants. This post is to open this discussion to a much wider audience and to provide the following advantages to participants:

  1. Your comments will not be lost in splintered email threads or email overload.
  2. Your comments will be numbered for easy reference, using the standard “@comment#”
  3. Your comments can be read by 1000’s of readers.
  4. Your comments can include links to other Internet material
  5. You can re-add the same comments you already made in the email thread if you wish.
  6. You can make your own complete statement as separate post, like Mark French and Lark Chadwick did for their voting preferences.

Here are two PolyMontana posts that are spin-offs from the email thread. They are available to reference in your comments and represent diverging views of how to vote:

2010 Republican candidate, Mark French, votes Libertarian

Lark Chadwick’s Montana Voter Guide

We anticipate starting a new post discussion after the election to focus on what we do now that our candidates are known.

2 thoughts on “Will you support our Republican Candidates?”

  1. Dallas Erickson

    You have hit it right on the head concerning the Libertarians betraying their own principles by voting in a way that will count as a vote for our greatest enemy to freedom and liberty, Barak Obama. It is astounding how they can take such stands and still declare that they are patriots. Mark French will never get my vote again!

    You had an Open Letter to Derek Skees that I can not find on your site. What happened to it? I understand that Derek responded to the article in a very immature way that may cost him votes (I have recieved several phone calls about it wondering if we should have him in office). Can you tell us what is happening with that issue and article and why it is not available?

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