Vote for Denny Rehberg for US Senate

by Dr. Ed Berry

Below are some key Obama-Reid-Tester Policies.If you like these Obama-Reid-Tester policies then vote for Obama and Jon Tester. But if you don’t like these policies then vote for Denny Rehberg for US Senate and Mitt Romney for President.

Alternatively, you can support these Obama-Reid-Tester policies by voting for Libertarian Dan Cox. That’s right. You can join the Radical Right and help the Democrats take down America. Your seeming “good intentions” will pave your “road to hell.”

Yes, I know Libertarian Dan Cox does not support these policies. Policy-wise, Dan Cox is a Republican but he is not smart enough to realize it. By running third-party in an election where polls show the Democrat and Republican candidates are neck-and-neck, and Dan Cox is less than 3 percent, Dan Cox is helping the Democrat. Every vote for Dan Cox works to achieve the exact opposite of the principles both Cox and his voters.

The Montana Libertarian vote in 2006 made Democrat Jon Tester the 51st US Senate vote. This put the Democrats and Harry Reid in control of the US Senate! Montana and America are suffering today from the Libertarian voters actions in 2006.

One definition of insanity is doing the same thing (like voting Libertarian or third-party) over and over again and expecting a different result.

Another definition of insanity is acting in a manner that produces the exact opposite of your “good intention” result, when this should be obvious before you act.

Vote Libertarian and you will be able to tell your kids and grand kids that you voted to destroy America in 2012.

Here are some key Obama-Reid-Tester Policies that Rehberg will not support:


2 thoughts on “Vote for Denny Rehberg for US Senate”

  1. Mr. Cox has the right message at the wrong time.

    Like other spoiler candidates, a strong voter turnout for him will assure more years of Mr. Tester, who, with Harry Reid and the other Marxists in the Senate, will surely derail conservative efforts to turn back socialism in this country. Even with a Republican president, Jon Tester will work hard to prevent the repeal of Obamacare and the long list of other job-killing, anti-American government programs.

    Remember Ross Perot who denied Bob Dole the presidency in 1992 which Bill Clinton won.

    Now we have Gary Johnson, a wonderful, patriotic conservative American running for President on the Libertarian ticket who's only success will unfortunately be in taking votes away from Mitt Romney thus, inadvertently, helping the enemy to win.

    Mr. Cox has a great opportunity to defeat Marxism by throwing his full support behind Denny Rehberg. Once the Republicans regain control of the Senate, the work has only begun. Mr. Cox and other patriotic Americans can then use the Republican party platform to get reforms passed that will then usher in a new era of conservatism. Those Republians that balk at this (RINOs) should be targeted for replacement (like Orrin Hatch was in Utah). And, once elected to the Senate, if Mr. Rehberg fails us conservatives, then it will be time to replace him too. But first, lets correct the damage that years of Democrat control of the Senate has caused.

    Remember, to win a war one must first win important battles. Beating Obama and Tester are just two skermishes in a long battle to take our country back while we still can.

    John Merlette

  2. John it is never the wrong time for the right message.

    I think you meant to say that Ross Perot kept George H. W. Bush from winning in 1992. The reality of that election was Papa Bush lost that election himself. Third party candidates only become options when the mainstream parties let their constituents down. When we blame the third party candidate we fail to accept the truth that Denny Rehberg and Mitt Romney are turds.

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