Tim Fox wins big in Montana Republican governor’s debate

Tim Fox, Montana Attorney General, leads Republican Govenor’s race

(Billings, Mont.) – Attorney General Tim Fox was the clear winner in the Yellowstone County Republican Central Committee Gubernatorial debate tonight at the Billings Hotel and Convention Center. The 75 minute debate covered topics ranging from economic development, public safety, and health care. Senator Dr. Al Olszewski and Congressman Greg Gianforte also participated. This was the second debate for Tim Fox and Dr. Al Olszewski. Greg Gianforte did not attend the November debate in Helena.

In Tim Fox’s opening statement he announced the endorsements of all three Yellowstone County Commissioners who represent the most populated county in Montana.

“It has been 20 years since we had a Republican governor. It is time we pick the right candidate who can win the general election. I was the first Republican attorney general elected in 24 years. In 2016, I won with 68% of the vote. I won 54 of 56 counties. I received more votes than any statewide republican candidate in the history of Montana. I had 96k more votes than the Republican gubernatorial candidate that year,” Fox stated. “We need to find the principled conservative and someone with character and integrity to get these things done. I have been that person as your attorney general,” Fox said.

“When there is pandering going on with a candidate who wants to cut 30% of state government across the board you have to ask them what are they going to cut? Which first responder won’t be there for the person that needs them? Which person cannot go to the nursing home because they can’t afford it but kicked out of their home? Which person with a mental health problem doesn’t get help?” Fox asked. “We cannot do the pandering, but we can find efficiencies in government to reduce those costs,” Fox said.

Fox provided specifics on continuing his leadership as attorney general addressing public safety issues. “I brought the first K9 units to the highway patrol and the first criminal interdiction units. Almost all methamphetamine in Montana is from the southern border. That’s why I went to the southern border last year and talked to federal law enforcement officials. This is Congress’ problem to fix. Until we have a majority in the House of Representatives we will only be playing catch up. That’s why our incumbencies are so important. When people say they want to be a congressman and run for reelection they need to fulfill that,” Fox said.

When asked about prescription drug costs, Fox said, “I wouldn’t wait until I am governor. I have been doing that as attorney general. I have been taking on prescription drug companies that have used anti competitive practices and off label marketing practices. I won a case that received $16 million in damages and that went back to the state so that money went back to the people who really need it. I support price transparency and price honesty from healthcare providers. We can achieve that with the right leadership by bringing stakeholders together. I have done that as attorney general and I will do that as governor.”

“It is ever so important that you choose the person that not only can win the general election but has a proven record of being a principled conservative and bringing people together to get things done,” Fox stated.

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