See Montana election results here

The question is who voted for Matt Rosendale?

203,000 voted for a candidate for US Congress. 71,000 voted Democrat and 132,000 voted Republican. We know the Democrats asked their voters to crossover and vote for the Republican candidate whom the Democrat could most easily beat. Since the Dems and Repubs are about evenly split, we can estimate 30,000 Dems voted Republican.

The final vote count is Ryan Zinke 43,525 votes, Corey Stapleton 38,481 votes, Matt Rosendale 37,896 votes, Elsie Arntzen 9,034 votes, and Drew Turiano 2,275 votes.

Corey finished ahead of Matt by 585 votes. Matt supporters had claimed Matt would easily beat Corey. Their political logic was deficient.

I think Matt benefited from about 30,000 Democrat crossover votes. This plus 8000 tea party votes brought Matt to his 38,000 total, not enough to beat Ryan.

Why would Democrats vote for Matt?

Because they would have made mince meat of him in the final election. They would have made him out to be a rich Maryland carpetbagger who is buying his election in Montana, a far-right extremist, and a tea party “drone shooter”. With Matt’s Maryland accent and all, the Dems would have crucified Matt in the final election.

That’s why the Dems wanted Matt to win. And if the 8000 tea party folks who voted for Matt had voted for Corey instead, they would have nominated Corey who is as conservative as Matt but would have easily won the final election.

The tea party folks, through their negligence, helped Ryan Zinke beat Corey Stapleton.

Will they now back Ryan against the Democrat in the final election?

7 thoughts on “See Montana election results here”

  1. vinny in Livingston

    I feel like throwing up, except that now we can run Corey Stapleton for Governor.
    He's too nice a guy to send back to that cesspool.
    Zinke…not so much!

  2. Ed, why blame Democrats for the failure of the Republican party. Zinke will be a moderate like Rehberg was.

  3. @2 Dear David, Can you explain how the "Republican Party" failed? Are not all conservatives really "Republicans" in spirit if not in name?

    The voting results are not a result of a "Party". The results are the result of all of those who voted. In other words, it is wrong (e.g., invalid) to blame a collective when the result is a product of all those who had a chance to participate.

    Zinke, unless he changes, will be more liberal than Rehberg ever was. Look at his C rating from GOA and his liberal position on climate change.

  4. We are going to be team players going into November and we will support both Daines and Zinke. The Democrats must be defeated. The Obama admin must end. Vinny, as for Corey running for Governor I would like to see several individuals surface who are both interested and qualified. I might even consider running for LTGOV but as of now I don't have a Governor candidate to work with.

    The Ravalli County election results last night were quite interesting.

  5. Ed, if 30,000 Dems voted Republican as you suggest, why did Champ Edmunds receive only 10,078 votes (assuming Dems would vote for the candidate easier to defeat in November)?

  6. @5 Dear ElectionSpin, You make an excellent point. The Republican Senate votes were only 1000 more than the Republican House vote, virtually the same. These were all the same voters. If they voted for Daines then they must have preferred Daines.

    Do we really have 132,000 Republican primary voters? I don't know. But if so, then your argument strongly favors that all the Republican voters were actually Republicans. Good observation.

  7. Stu Says: Matt, Matt, Matt. You should take your gun(s) in shoot your compaign Manager not the drone for even thinking that you'd get 10 votes with your drone ad, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING? THEN you come on TV talking out of the left side of your mouth (and you're a right winger) with your YOU'ALL accent. There isnt two people in Montana that would vote for OR trust a YOU'ALLer up here, this is the NORTH. Its embarrassing for our party and our state to have you come in here and hurt the GOP, shame on you (all).

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