Sandy Welch will lead school excellence

by Jeb Bush, Former Governor of Florida

Improving the quality of education is one of the greatest challenges of our time.  On Tuesday, you will choose Montana’s next Superintendent of Public Instruction. After learning about Sandy Welch’s vision for excellent education in Montana, I am endorsing her candidacy to be your next Superintendent.

I know that real, positive reform comes from strong leadership in education. Just like Florida, Montana has the potential to set a standard for putting kids at the forefront in education policy. Sandy Welch’s vision and experience convince me she will act as a state and national leader in cultivating best practices in student learning outcomes.

We made significant progress in making our schools better in Florida by using some of the same ideas that Sandy is proposing. 

I am confident that Sandy’s leadership as your State Superintendent will put Montana’s kids on track to receiving a world-class education that will enable them to get good paying jobs and live prosperous lives.

By implementing school accountability measures, empowering families with educational flexibility, giving schools and districts the ability to innovate based on student outcomes and working with teachers to improve classroom effectiveness, Montana’s education system could become one of the best in the nation.

You are fortunate to have a candidate as qualified and eager to focus on improving education as Sandy Welch. I hope you will support Sandy and tell your neighbors why they should support Sandy at the polls on Tuesday.

Jeb Bush
Fmr. Governor of Florida

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