Sandy Welch is the best OPI candidate ever

Sandy Welch is the best candidate for Office of Public Instruction in the history of Montana. – Ed Berry


SandyWelch316Election Day is coming.  Don’t forget to look down at the bottom of the ballot and choose wisely for the Office of Public Instruction.  If you care about the education of our children and the jobs they need to succeed, your choice should be a vote for Sandy Welch, Republican.

Sandy has the support of Republicans, Democrats, Independents and business leaders who have an interest in moving the economy of Montana forward and creating jobs for our students after they graduate.She has received a number of key endorsements including the Montana Chamber of Commerce and from the Director of the Montana Department of Transportation, Jim Lynch, who believes Sandy has the leadership needed for this important office.

Sandy is very much in favor of giving schools, administrators, teachers, parents and school boards “local” control to address students’ needs.  She believes the Office of Public Instruction should be a resource for local schools, NOT a state agency issuing mandates and regulations.

Denise Juneau (current superintendent), has created a state of stagnation in the performance of our schools.  She states that she is proud of her past four years.  The school system in Montana was ranked 39th by Education Week!  That is nothing to be proud of.

Sandy Welch has over 20 years of experience in education and leadership skills needed to provide a path of excellence in education which will be the foundation of a thriving economic future for our children.

Sandy’s ideas and bi-partisan support stand tall.

Check out this great article in the Choteau AcanthaEven as special interests and Gov. Schweitzer hit the trail to defend the stagnant results of Sandy’s opponent, the headlines show that new ideas and bi-partisan leadership will answer our quest for excellent schools in Montana.

Just take a look at who supports Sandy versus who is supporting Denise Juneau. Sandy has the support of Republicans, Democrats, Independents, business leaders and the stakeholders who have interest in moving our economy forward and creating the jobs that our students will need after they graduate. See what Sandy said about economic growth:

“To me natural resource development is one of those things that Montana can do that will really create those opportunities (jobs) for our kids,” said Welch. “It gives them a reason to excel in school.”

Sandy knows that our education system must provide results and the record of the last four-years hasn’t moved the dial. You can help us send this message to the 19% of undecided voters by donating $10, $20, $50, or more up to $310 today. We know we can win, we need your help on the ground and in convincing your friends and family to vote for Sandy in 15 days.

Thank you for all you’re doing. We need your help to finish strong.


Mitch Staley, Manager, Welch for Montana

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