Ryan Zinke demolishes Democrat in US House debate

by Dr. Ed Berry

RyanZ2It’s not even close. Republican, Navy Commander Ryan Zinke demolished Democrat John Lewis in US House debate in June. These videos prove it.

Ryan Zinke far exceeds John Lewis in education, experience, and intelligence, and he shows it in his superior understanding of our economy. Lewis proposes the same worn-out liberal mantras the Democrats use to destroy America.

The difference between Republicans and Democrats has never been more distinct. Democrats block economic progress while Republicans plow the path for America’s energy and high-tech entrepreneurs, without whom we would be much poorer right now.

Here are videos of the key sections of the debate.

(Ignore raspy-voice Libertarian candidate Fellows who cannot possibly win the election and would not even be on this platform if we had a proper election system. But Fellows will get votes from delusional morons who think they are freedom fighters even as they help elect their Democrat enemy.)

Minimum Wage

Moron Lewis thinks all we have to do is raise the minimum wage and “Shazaam Boom!” everybody makes more money. What an idiot!

[youtube id=”SN_EwsnDo5I”]


[youtube id=”guKjjiBQqA4″]

Budget Cuts

[youtube id=”MJvULCEq5PM”]

Federal Power

[youtube id=”a3NYPRxJ4XY”]


[youtube id=”Du-vnc2s84U”]

Middle East

[youtube id=”hMEPJz-8Z0U”]

Land Ownership

[youtube id=”PbYpVsPxqnQ”]

Highway Funds

[youtube id=”Itdm5j9vL30″]

Wikipedia notes:

“Lewis worked for Senator Baucus for twelve years, starting as a field organizer for Baucus’s 2002 re-election campaign. Lewis then worked for five years as a legislative assistant, before becoming director of field operations for Baucus’s 2008 campaign. Lewis became Baucus’s deputy state director after the campaign, and was promoted to Baucus’s state director in 2010. On behalf of Baucus, Lewis in 2011 embarked on a trip to visit all 56 Montana counties and meet with the mayors of all 129 incorporated Montana towns. Lewis ultimately met with 118 mayors, traveled more than 20,000 miles in his car, and gained an increased appreciation for the importance of infrastructure for Montana communities.” – He used your tax dollars to initiate his campaign.

Voter’s Edge writes:

  • John Lewis has no political experience or political accomplishments.
  • John Lewis has never had a real job. His only employment was as an assistant to Montana Democratic Senator Max Baucus from 2003 to 2013.
  • John Lewis’ education is limited to a BA degree in political science, Western Washington University

JohnLewis4Congress.com says John Lewis is bad for Montana:

  • After more than a decade working under Baucus, John Lewis has pocketed over $568,000 of taxpayers’ money.
  • Lewis has been laying the groundwork for his campaign by visiting every county in Montana on the taxpayers’ dime.
  • Lewis has spent nearly 12 years working under Baucus and was a top aide to the “chief architect” of Obamcare.

8 thoughts on “Ryan Zinke demolishes Democrat in US House debate”

  1. Fellows actually won the debate, despite his voice. When asked which 3 programs to eliminate Fellows had the right answers. Zinke said nothing. we don't need more John McCain's or John Kerry's in Washington. Zinke's military record resembles Kerry's. Fellows is more conservative then Zinke and Fellows supports the 2nd Amendment without new laws. Zinke supports all these background checks and closing loopholes at gun shows. Plus in 2009 Zinke said he supported subsidies for wind and solar energy, but now that a Libertarian is in the race he has to back track and say I don't support these subsidies. Zinke will be part of the problem in Washington not part of the solution. If you want a moderate, then vote for Zinke, but there was a reason all those former Montana Republican Party Chair called Zinke unfit for duty. Why won't Zinke release his military records like his DD-214. Weren't you against Zinke before you supported Zinke. We can blame the president and those on both sides of the aisles for our country going downhill.

  2. Hi David, I agree Fellows did pretty well. The main lesson Libertarians should take from Fellows is that he sides with Republican Zinke much more than with Democrat Lewis.

    Therefore, since Fellows cannot come anywhere near to winning the election, all sensible, logical, freedom-loving Libertarians should vote for Zinke.

    Zinke's military record is far better than Kerry's. There is no comparison. Kerry is a Jane Fonda traitor.

    Zinke no longer supports renewable energy subsidies because he has listened to me since 2012. He sees the light. He is flexible. He listens. A Libertarian in the race has nothing to do with Zinke's position because Fellows is not a threat to Zinke or Lewis.

    Lewis, on the other hand, thinks we should eliminate all our carbon dioxide emissions. Lewis will not change his mind because he fully believes in the eco-freak religion and will not listen to scientific facts.

    I would like to see Zinke take a more conservative position on some issues but his position as it stands is far better for America than having Lewis represent Montana.

    In the primary I supported Corey Stapleton because Corey better represented my political views. However, now that Ryan Zinke has won the nomination I and all conservatives should support him.

    No matter how much you try to whitewash the Democrats to make them look like Republicans, the fact remains there is a giant difference between them, and the Republicans are a much better choice for America.

  3. Zinke seems to have more in common with Lewis on many issues and Zinke is trying to move closer to Fellows on many issues. Zinke doesn't support property rights. He voted yes on HB 198 (2011) that allowed an out of country corporation to condemn private property. Fellows would have voted against that bad bill. We've given Republicans a chance between 2000 and 2007 to balance the budget, decrease the debt and reign in the NSA on spying, but all those activities increased during that period, with Republicans sponsoring many of those unconstitutional bills that look to eliminate the 4th Amendment. So why should we give these parties a second chance? I can't trust Zinke on his military record and I can't trust his conservative record as well. Zinke doesn't have my vote and there will be plenty of Montanans who feel the same way.

  4. @3 Dear David, you needn't remind me. I am well aware of the significant damage voters like you have done to freedom in America and are very likely to continue doing.

    Until voters like you can cure your myopia of looking at the tree from one inch away, you will never see the forest. The forest view shows clearly that we will elect either Zinke or Lewis and the only thing that matters is the difference in how each candidate will represent Montana and America.

    Myopic voters like you rejected Rehberg in favor of Tester and thereby gave more power to Harry Reid to attack Bundy, and helped Obama nominate more liberal judges to the Supreme Court, etc.

    The lesson voters like you must learn is as you vote, your country will become. As Robert Frost wrote in his famous poem, there are two paths to take and the path chosen makes all the difference.

  5. I guess you can put me in the same category as David. Me and the majority of people I've personally spoke with who will be voting for Mike Fellows and Roger Roots. We are no longer settling for the regulated, conditional freedom that those who campaigned to the right and then rule to the left or to whomever paid for their election, once elected. If people vote for the best candidate, no matter what he/she calls themselves, that person would win. Voting for freedom is not voting for the lessor of two evils.
    BTW Ed, trying to imitate the Montana Cowgirl style of commentary doesn't become you nor can you even come near "her" level of vitriol or expertise. So why even go there or stoop to that level?

  6. @5 Dear Ele, I am sorry you have decided to vote against your own freedom and I would really like to know why you have made your choice.

    You made 3 statements but you have not shown how following your 3 statements would produce a better or more desirable result for Montana and America. For example, you wrote:

    We are no longer settling for the regulated, conditional freedom that those who campaigned to the right and then rule to the left or to whomever paid for their election, once elected.

    If people vote for the best candidate, no matter what he/she calls themselves, that person would win.

    Voting for freedom is not voting for the lessor of two evils.

    Can you explain why you believe following your 3 statements will help Montana and America?

  7. @6Dear Dr Ed, Apparently my "statements" are clear to everyone but you. That's the problem with GOPers (my endearing term for…GOPers). I don't expect anyone to follow my 3 statements. So why do you think I should follow yours?
    BTW I made 4 statements plus one question.

  8. @7, Dear Ele, So you cannot justify your 3 statements. Therefore, I challenge your 3 statements as follows:

    1. Saying you "will not settle for regulated, conditional freedom" does not imply you should vote Libertarian. To the contrary, when voting Libertarian results in electing a Democrat, you are really voting for your own slavery when you vote for the Libertarian. The only way you can vote for your freedom is to elect Republicans like Rehberg, Hill, Zinke, and Daines because they will make more votes in favor of your freedom than the opposing Democrats. I dare you to prove otherwise.

    2. Saying "if people vote for the best candidate" is meaningless without further explanation which you did not provide. If you are suggesting that all Republican voters should read your mind and vote for your Libertarian candidate, then you are delusional about how the election process works in our Republic. If you cannot understand that the winner of this congressional election will be either Zinke or Lewis, and no chance of it being Fellows, then you are delusional to the point of being a danger to yourself as well as others. You must first accept reality before you can make a rational decision.

    3. Saying "voting for freedom is not voting for the lessor of two evils" is nonsense as stated. Back to reality: either Zinke or Lewis will win. To make a rational decision on how to use your American voting privilege, you must decide whether Zinke or Lewis will most help Montana and America. If you are a liberal Democrat who truly thinks Lewis would be best then at least you would be rational. But if you are a conservative then your only rational choice is to vote for Zinke.

    Now try, if you can, to prove I am wrong and you are correct.

    I did not address your other sentences because they were irrelevant and off subject.

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