Ron Paul endorses Denny Rehberg

by Dr. Ed Berry

Ron Paul has endorsed Denny Rehberg for US Senator. Paul’s key reason for making his endorsement  is to help elect 51 Republicans to the US Senate.

Ron Paul’s endorsement follows Ken Miller’s endorsement and Gun Owners of America endorsement of Denny Rehberg.

This follows the endorsements of Mitt Romney by Ross Perot, the most successful third-party candidate of all time, and by Wayne Allen Root, America’s leading Libertarian, and author Trevor Loudon.

4 thoughts on “Ron Paul endorses Denny Rehberg”

  1. In all respect, reread and meditate some more on the Bible verses you quote, because nothing therein justifies or condones a vote for Mitt Romney and I am sick of so-called Christians trying to twist the Bible to say what they want it to say. I am a staunch supporter of Dr. Ron Paul and the principles he advocates, I also greatly respect both Pastor Chuck Baldwin and Stewart Rhodes and agree with their position that a vote for the lesser of two evils is still a vote for evil, one that does not advance the causes of freedom, justice and truth. I will not be voting for Mitt Romney and that does not mean that I am in support of Obama or anything that he stands for.

  2. Does it really matter who endorses a particular candidate? If a person casts his vote for a candidate because some celebrity or high power politician endorses a candidate then the voter needs to get their own core values. The last time I checked Ron Paul, Ross Perot, Wayne Allen Root or any other endorser of Denny Rehberg is not where I derive my political convictions.

  3. Check out where this endorsement really comes from. The Liberty PAC, not Ron Paul or the Liberty Council(Paul's REAL group). Note the PAC's disclaimer:

    Paid for by Liberty PAC.

    Not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.

    I resent that the side that's supposed to be the "good" guys are stooping to the tactics that the other side is condemned for doing. What's worse is that it's being done to your own followers!

  4. @3, Dear Ele,

    Liberty PAC is publicizing Ron Paul's endorsements. That does not mean Liberty PAC is lying. Further, Ron Paul is not a candidate and the disclaimer does not apply to him. Notice their menu about Ron Paul's endorsements. He has endorsed 6 US Senator candidates and 11 US House candidates.

    Ron Paul understands the importance to America of electing enough Republican Senators to the US Senate to remove Harry Reid as House Majority Leader. There are only a few states where Republicans have the opportunity to make gains in the US Senate. Montana is one of them.

    Because Ron Paul is concerned for America, he has endorsed Republican candidates for the US Senate. He well knows that a vote for the Libertarian candidate can result in electing the Democrat. This should be a wake-up call to those who may be thinking of voting Libertarian where Ron Paul is recommending Republican. Anyone who is or has been a supporter of Ron Paul should respect his advice on candidates.

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