PolyMontana supports Rick Hill and Jon Sonju for Montana Governor

by Dr. Ed Berry

I support all the Republican candidates for Montana state offices and legislature. In particular, I support and encourage everyone to support and vote for Denny Rehberg for Senator, Steve Daines for Congress, Rick Hill and Jon Sonju for Governor, Tim Fox for Attorney General, Brad Johnson for Secretary of State, Derek Skees for State Auditor, Sandy Welch for Superintendent of Public Instruction, Roger Koopman for Public Service Commission, and Tim Baldwin for House District 4.

I mention Tim Baldwin specifically because he is running in a very tight race in a very Democratic district, the same district that Derek Skees won 2 years ago by only a few votes. So every vote counts and your donations count because the only way candidates can compete is by spending money on advertising. Tim is a solid Republican and an attorney. Tim will be a true asset to the Republican legislature if we can elect him.

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