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I disagree with Roger and Scott’s methods and conclusions but post this for the record. – Ed

by Roger Koopman and Scott Orr

The following legislative candidates have been vetted by the MCA board – primarily through their responses to our “Principles Questionnaire” – and have been identified, to the best of our ability, as constitutionally-oriented, pro-liberty individuals, worthy of your trust and your vote. We encourage you to financially support and otherwise get involved in their campaigns, that we may bring about their victories for the cause of freedom.

(Note: if your “favorite candidate” is not listed anywhere in this report, that means they chose to ignore the MCA survey altogether. We consider this general spinelessness to be a lack of true commitment to the things we believe — and together fight for — and we recommend that you direct your support to more worthy candidates.)

Those candidates who achieved a survey score of 90% or higher have their scores noted in parenthesis. Scores of at least 65% are required for endorsement.

Our first list are of those candidates who are challenging left wing (RINO) incumbent Republicans. These are particularly high-priority primary races, and we strongly urge you to work for those whose districts are near you, and to send checks (immediately) to the others. These intrepid RINO-Hunters are as follows:

  • JOE LARGE – SD 9
  • RAY GORHAM – HD 40
  • BOB WAGNER – HD 71

The rest of our endorsement list follows. Asterisks indicate that the person faces primary opposition:

  • Cary Smith (106) – SD 27*
  • Jed Hinkle (90) – SD 32*
  • Jerry O’Neil (96) – HD 3
  • Ronalee Skees – HD 7*
  • Randy Brodehl (99) – HD 9
  • Bob Brown – HD 13*
  • Bill Harris – HD 29
  • Scott Staffanson – HD 35
  • Alan Doane (93) – HD 36
  • Clayton Fsicus – HD 43
  • Dale Mortensen – HD 44
  • Daniel Zolnikov (94) – HD 45
  • Donald Jones – HD 46
  • Cory Hasiak – HD 49
  • Tony O’Donnell – HD 51*
  • Debra Lamm (107) – HD 60*
  • Vicki Schultz (100) – HD 62
  • Michael More – HD 65*
  • Ed Johnson – HD 66*
  • Art Wittich (101) – HD 68
  • Matthew Monforton (90) – HD 69*
  • Mike Miller – HD 80*
  • Nancy Ballance (91) – HD 87

Please note the following Republican candidates whose scores (with the exception of Roberts) were too low to qualify them for endorsement, but who showed the integrity and sense of public duty to return their MCA surveys. We thank them for that:

  • Brian Hoven
  • Don Roberts
  • Nels Swandal
  • Doug Adams
  • Aaron Langford
  • Dave Hagstrom
  • Vince Ricci
  • Forrest Mandeville
  • Julie Jones
  • Larry Dunham
  • Lyn Helegaard

MCA experienced a 50% drop-off in survey participation this time around, at least some of which can be attributed to the extreme chilling effect on the democratic process created by the Commissioner of Political Practices’ witch hunt against conservative Republicans. Motl’s actions are clearly meant to muzzle conservative free speech and discourage conservatives from filing for public office. Many liberal/progressive “Republicans” have been openly supporting these efforts. That is what we are up against.

FINAL NOTE: Montana Conservative Alliance also operates a Political Action Committee (PAC) that is able to make direct contributions to candidate campaigns. We would welcome any (non-earmarked, non-corporate) donations to our PAC at: MCA PAC, P.O. Box 11803, Bozeman, MT, 59719. Provide address, occupation, etc., as you would with campaign contributions. Thank you very much.

Roger Koopman

Scott Orr


2 thoughts on “Montana Conservative Alliance Endorsements”

  1. You guys are just too awesome for words for providing this service! And you just happened to align almost 100% with our endorsements. These candidates in this primary give me hope for our country.

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