Gun Owners of America supports Denny Rehberg

Gun Owners of America is doing all we can to help win some key U.S. Senate races this year.  It is crucial that we remove anti-gun Harry Reid as Majority Leader, otherwise, we will continue to suffer greatly.

We’ve been heavily involved in several Senate races, including the Cruz-Sadler race in Texas, the Rehberg-Tester race in Montana, the Mourdock-Donnelly contest in Indiana, as well as other races, urging citizens to think about the consequences for the Second Amendment as they enter the voting booth.

The Montana and Indiana races are coming down to virtual dead-heats, but we are still about $30,000 shy of the funding we need. That’s why I’m sending you this one last request for financial help RIGHT NOW. We are working day and night to make sure not a single pro-gun voter fails to vote in this most crucial election of our lifetime.

If Obama wins re-election, this nation is in serious danger. If Harry Reid is left in control of the Senate, nothing the pro-gun majority in the House can do will pass out of the Senate because of Reid.

The Senate races in Montana and Indiana may well determine whether Reid is in control or out of power, and that’s why I am asking for your most generous donation to Gun Owners of America RIGHT NOW. Anything you can do to help GOA’s last-minute efforts throughout the country, in these last days before Election Day, is vital to protection of the Second Amendment. Thank you so much.


Tim Macy

Vice Chairman

Gun Owners of America

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