Elect Romney to save America’s Defense

by Senator Ryan Zinke, Chairman, Special Operations for America

RyanZ2The President’s acceptance of a diminished U.S. Navy during last night’s debate is deeply troubling.   His condescending remarks suggesting that a reduced fleet can be compared to having fewer “horses and bayonets” demonstrates an unprecedented failure by the Commander-in-Chief to understand the basic role and mission of our Navy.

An essential role of our Navy is to ensure the freedom of the seas so that our commerce is protected.  Fewer ships at sea means that America we will be unable to combat pirates, fight drug trafficking, and prevent contraband (including movement of weapons of mass destruction).

The Navy is also responsible to support our Marines should we need to land on foreign shores. Fewer ships to support the difficult mission of expeditionary warfare means greater risk of failure.

As the President so carefully pointed out that “we have carriers that have airplanes,” he also failed to mention that our Russian “friends” are selling radar systems that are capable of detecting even our newest stealth aircraft.  A carrier battle group capable of projecting power in the future will need new technology to include unmanned aircraft and integrated defense systems.

Governor Romney was correct. Diminishing our fleet strength to WWI levels will have  serious consequences and deserves more than the President’s dismissive rhetoric.

1 thought on “Elect Romney to save America’s Defense”

  1. Mr. Zinke,

    It appears that the only strategy that you and your fellow neo-cons know is the scare tactic. You would have every American that disagrees with your vision spied on by drones. We are supposed to accept more of "sky is falling" mantra. I understand that the world is dangerous; however, it gets increasingly more dangerous as the neo-cons continue to spread American violence around the world. I say enough already with your neo-con message. I say enough with destabilising regions of the world so that the fed can maintain dollar supremacy globally. I have to agree with the economist Marc Faber and reduce the federal budget by 50% immediately. Of course, that would mean a reduction in military spending. Looks like it would be to start mending our global fences.

    I am thankful that the great people of Montana showed you the door during the primary season.

    Remember no matter what happens November 9th Yehweh is still on the throne and He is still the Commander in Chief!!!

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