Ed Berry endorses Mitt Romney for President

by Dr.Ed Berry

Romney200Our next president will be either Mitt Romney or Barack Obama. The difference between them is greater than day and night. If you care about America, yourself, and your family, you will vote for Mitt Romney.

If you associate with any of America’s tea parties, you will find Mitt Romney is on your side on all the issues. If you are a Ron Paul supporter, go ahead and have your last fling at the Republican Convention, but then realize the primary is over. It’s time to support Mitt Romney for president. 

Personally, I believe Mitt Romney will be one of our greatest presidents. First, he understands money and economics better than all of the primary candidates and right now America needs a president who can best solve America’s economic problems. Second, he is not a puppet of the globalists or the CFR. Romney is his own man and he will do his best to help America rather than the global elite.

America can recover from the damage done by Obama and, yes, by all our presidents since Reagan, if all conservatives get together and support Mitt Romney.

The biggest threat facing America today are those who will not vote for Mitt Romney because they have one or more of these dangerous myths implanted in their heads:

Myth 1: “There is no difference between Republicans and Democrats.”

Myth 2: “We should not vote for the lesser of two evils.”

Myth 3: “We should vote for an independent candidate.”

Myth 4: “We should not vote for a Morman.”

In my opinion, those who refuse to support Mitt Romney for one of these reasons are not really conservatives because they are acting to produce the same result as liberals: 4 more years of Obama and a lost America. They are willing to sacrifice their own conservative principles for the sake of their mythical principles. Don’t be one of them. Think logically. Support Romney.

Let’s discuss the above four myths.

Myth 1: Read the Montana Republican Party Platform. If you can’t see the difference between Republicans and Democrats, I suggest you review the data with an open mind. The difference is significant and obvious.

Myth 2: Romney is not evil. Obama is. If you think Romney is “evil” then you must vote for the lesser of two evils. If we believe in conservative principles then we are morally and ethically obligated to vote for the candidate who will best move the ball in the conservative direction. If we walk off the field and let the liberals control the ball, then we will be traitors to our own team, which is contrary to conservative principles.

Myth 3: If you vote for an independent candidate, you are not voting at all because an independent candidate has no chance to win. By not voting for the best candidate who can really win, namely Romney in this case, you are a traitor to your own principles, which is irrational.

Myth 4: Would you rather have a Mormon or a Muslim as president? If you don’t vote for the Mormon then you will be voting for the Muslim. Let’s let each person believe in his own definition of God, as our Constitution suggests. Let’s leave religious differences out of politics. The important thing is that Romney is a real American and he truly wants to help America. I can’t say the same for Obama.

In closing, here is a quote from Romney’s website on Issues:

The foundations of our nation’s strength are a love of liberty and a pioneering spirit of innovation and creativity. These values—inherited from our Founders and embodied by all who came to our shores seeking opportunity—have made the United States the most powerful nation in the history of the world.

But today, under President Obama’s leadership, Washington is smothering these values at home and sapping our influence abroad. The federal government has grown too large. And President Obama has presided over one of the worst economies in modern history—millions of jobs have been lost, record numbers of Americans are in danger of losing their homes, and personal bankruptcies have skyrocketed. He has failed the American people.

Mitt Romney believes in America. He believes that liberty, opportunity, and free enterprise have led to prosperity and strength before and will do so again. America, however, must take decisive action to roll back the misguided policies of the last three years, empower our citizens, and restore the foundations of our nation’s strength.

To learn more about Mitt’s plan, select an issue on his website.




6 thoughts on “Ed Berry endorses Mitt Romney for President”

  1. What a choice! Let's see…it's like asking me if I want my legs amputated or my arms. Oh wait I can keep my feet if I choose my legs??? Wow that makes a big difference. Tell you what I'll keep all parts and vote for Ron Paul or Gary Johnson. At least I'll die standing, complete with "arms"!!!

  2. @1 Dear Lark, you are making the same logical error as the avid global warming scientists who concluded there was no medieval warm period or little ice age. To arrive at their conclusion, they cherry picked data in the form of certain trees that happened to show no evidence of the medieval warm period or little ice age because of their unique location, then they threw out all the overwelming evidence that contradicted their preconceived opinion.

    Thus was born the infamous "hockey stick" temperature curve. Even though proven wrong, the global warmers stick by their hockey stick temperature curve. They would rather ignore evidence than admit the existence of the medieval warm period and little ice age than to acknowledge reality. They would rather fight than switch.

    When you take the video you referenced and ignore all the other data showing Romney is significantly different from and much more preferable than Obama, you are making the same logical "hockey stick" error as the avid environmentalists. They want to believe the falacy of global warming. You want to believe the fallacy that Romney is no better than Obama. In both cases the trick to fool yourself is to ignore data that contradicts your erroneous conclusion.

  3. @2 Dear Ele, the choice is more like choosing what you are going to eat when you are starved and you have two choices, neither of which (in your case) you prefer. Let's assume your choices are between grass and dog poop. If you make no choice, or write in another choice on your menu, your captors will force-feed you the dog poop.

    Think of it this way and I think you will choose the grass.

  4. To endorse a fraud (albeit against a greater fraud) while there is still time on the clock, means in process, and a God who rules in the affairs of men, is presumptuous, defeatist, and unhelpful.

  5. Romney is the equivalent of a drug-store cowboy. He wants to pretend he's something he clearly isn't. Romney stands for socialist security, more war mongering (including the use of tactical nukes), increased taxes (to support Federal wars), less civil liberties, and a disturbing favoritism towards the Mormon Church. I wrote about this over at Missouri Tenth: http://missouritenth.com/2012/06/02/presidential-

    Being forced to choose between two pathetic candidates is really no choice at all, and our Founders would flip their lids if they knew how the American people gleefully entered into a low-grade civil war every four years to elect what equates to another king. But there's plenty of hope to go around. If the people of Montana stand up for their State, and vote avidly in their State elections (as opposed to the mockery of the Federal), and work in their communities to support limited government, Montana residents will surely be free of the Federal corruption that is destroying our way of life.

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