Delegate counts and debate highlights

by Dr. Ed Berry

Here’s the delegate counts as of March 4. The red line shows delegates needed to win.


There are 4 key polls that show who viewers thought won the debate.

In these polls, Trump scored between 55 to 72, Kasich 14 to 21, Cruz 7 to 21, Rubio 4 to 7. The New Jersey poll best represents the group:


In my opinion, Trump and Kasich are the only two candidates who have sufficient management experience to properly manage the US government. Cruz and Rubio can’t cut it. If you’re a moderate, drop Rubio and support Kasich.

The message is the personal attacks on Trump by Cruz and Rubio did them no good.

Various fact checks today reported Rubio, Cruz, and Megyn Kelly all lied about Trump. There is no hidden tape. BBB indeed gave Trump University an “A” rating.

Many Tweeted their disgust with Rubio because after telling a lie about Trump, Rubio would not shut up and let Trump respond.