Dan Cox, Libertarian for US Senate, writes

by Dan Cox

To all my fellow Montanans and Americans,

There is a strong push from many of you for me to drop out of the U.S. Senate race.  I think this is a great time to remind everybody about the oath of office.  They vary slightly depending on the office.  However, many oaths state that you will protect the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic.  Rehberg and Tester have both proven over their exhausting political careers both in Congress and at the Montana State Legislature that they are domestic enemies to the Constitution.  No where in this oath does it state that we will pick from the best of the domestic enemies.  In fact, it states that well will protect the Constitution from all enemies.  I wish I could support Rehberg and be proud to do so.  We all know that isn’t the case don’t we?

If I were to drop out and for the sake of Rehberg, I would be supporting a domestic enemy to the Constitution.  A violation of the oath that I mean to uphold.  It is amazing how much time people spend defending their own enslavement.  I will not be a part of that.  The good news is that no matter what the outcome of the election is, one or maybe even two of these domestic enemies to the Constitution will be out of politics for the time being.  There is only one reason that there is a need for the Libertarian and/or other third parties.  The lack of ethics by the Republican and Democrat establishment elitests.  Every election is the same.  Our guys sucks a little less than the other.  We will get them next time.  I can’t even name a good Republican President.  How much longer should we wait?  Another hundred years?  I have spent countless hours studying our founding fathers and the Constitution in order to represent you to the best of my ability.  Most of you start your calls for my surrender by saying you respect me and my efforts.  Do you respect Rehberg or Tester?

Many of you are the supposed leaders of the Conservatives in Montana and yet you would lead your people to slaughter.  This kind of reminds me of Brave Heart, where they betray William Wallace to live and fight another day, bowing at the table of the King who had enslaved them, hoping for but a few table scraps.  You reap what you sew.  I know that I am sewing goods seeds(to the best of my ability).  I may not win, but I am fighting the fight without surrender.  I am sure this is where I get blasted with justification emails and so called common sense.  Save your breath.  Either stand on the side of freedom or stand on the other.  Your choice.

As for me and my family, we won’t back be bowing down to tyranny.  Many of you have fought along my side for freedom and led people towards freedom, for that I am humbled and grateful.

In Liberty,

Dan Cox

Libertarian candidate for U.S. Senate



6 thoughts on “Dan Cox, Libertarian for US Senate, writes”

  1. Dear Dan,

    You are unqualified for the office of US Senator. Your political vision is myopic. You do not even recognize you cannot win your own election.

    You want us to believe that voting for your “constitutional” principles will save our freedom. You do not acknowledge the sure result of every vote for you will be to help Tester win another 6 years in the US Senate.

    You talk of the oath to “protect the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic.” Yet you do not recognize we are in a battle to save America from its worst domestic enemies: Obama and the Democrats who control our congress.

    Denny Rehberg’s failings are not our worst enemy. Your impaired political and strategic vision makes you a greater enemy.

    You are like a doctor saying, I will cure you, when you have no medical training or experience, and your prescription for freedom will backfire and make us slaves. You are engaging in political malpractice.

    When you put Tester and Rehberg on the same degree of bad, you demonstrate your inability to make good decisions. Rehberg, not Tester, supports auditing the Fed, the Second Amendment, conservative Supreme Court judges, lower taxes, and a balanced budget.

    You fail to recognize the importance of electing a Republican-controlled US Senate. The only thing you will achieve by staying in the race is to help the Democrats control the US Congress. Since you will not help us gain US Senate control, you are our enemy in sheep’s clothing.

    There is only one candidate who can lead us toward more freedom, and that is Denny Rehberg, even with all his good, bad and ugly.

    You claim to be on the side of freedom but you do not represent freedom. You are asking us to abandon our best path toward victory and follow you to certain defeat. You are not a freedom fighter. You are short-circuiting our path to freedom. You want us to join you as you reenact Custer’s last stand.

    You are not following the sage advice of Ron Paul, Trevor Loudon, Ken Miller, Wayne Allen Root, and Ross Perot by supporting Republican Party candidates.

    You will be slaughtered on November 6. You will accomplish nothing in your proclaimed fight for freedom, nor will anyone who votes for you.



    References: Rehberg, Open Letter, GOA1, GOA2, Libertarian Legacy, Tester Policies

  2. Mr. Cox,

    You have given me a reason to vote. I am going to be casting my vote for Dan Cox. I could not agree with Mr. Cox's position more. It is time that the so called conservatives stand up and be counted and stop voting for the "enemies of the constitution."

    Dr. Ed you must remember that no matter what happens during this election cycle we will see the will of God at work. Nothing happens outside of Yehweh will. Isa 45:7 The One forming light and creating darkness, Causing well-being and creating calamity; I am the LORD who does all these. The word calamity is the Hebrew word "rah" which is better translated as evil. Isaiah tells us that Yehweh causes well-being and creates evil. Of course, this is only one of many verses that proclaims the Sovereignty of God.

    The Constitution is the highest authority in this country and it is time that our politicians begin to fulfill their oath's to uphold it. It sounds like Dan Cox understands what it means to defend the Constitution, unlike Mr. Obamacare or Mr. 1505.

    Dr. Ed maybe you should wait for the Republicans to decide on their nominee next election cycle before you decide to back a candidate. How many different governor candidate have you supported this election cycle? It has become apparent that you will support whomever the Republicans decide to run.

    One more thing before I sign out. Dr. Ed your letter to Mr. Cox comes off as extremely rude. You accuse Dan Cox of being myopic; however, you sir are the myopic one. You sound like a broken record concerning the reason we need to support the republican candidate flavor of the month.

    Cheer up Dr. Ed, Yehweh is on the throne!!!

  3. Dr. Ed never met a Republican nominee he did not support.

    Dr. Ed it is the Republicans and Democrats that have this nation in the shape that it is in. I have only heard one Republican (Ron Paul and he sold out when he endorsed Denny Rehberg) who has called for an end to Federal Reserve. Until Americans understand that the Federal Reserve is the true enemy of the state Americans will continue to vote for party stooges.

    If my memory serves me correctly, it was the Grand Ole Party that ushered in The Patriot Act, which violates the 4th Amendment. Now that is freedom we can all enslave ourselves with.

    Is there an echo in here or am I the only one left on this site?

  4. @2, Hi Redbone,

    You asked,

    How many different governor candidate have you supported this election cycle?

    Perhaps I need to answer this question for you.

    On October 12, 2011, I advised Bob Fanning that Rick Hill and Neil Livingstone were clearly the top two candidates, that Fanning would have an extremely difficult time beating either of them. I told Fanning I would soon announce my support for Neil Livingstone.

    Bob Fanning responded by asking me to help him with his campaign. On October 24, I agreed to be Bob Fanning's temporary campaign manager. The goal was to raise enough money by December 31 to hire a professional campaign manager to take my place. Raising money was not part of my job.

    We began with nothing but by November 15, we had a campaign website, a platform, and a means to collect money. By November 28, we had a brochure and an email ready to help raise money for the campaign. Chuck Baldwin joined as Bob Fanning's Lt. Governor candidate.

    As it turned out, the campaign never raised enough money to get going. I held on until January 25, 2012, when I resigned. Then, for the next several weeks I assisted Fanning's crew to take over and manage the website.

    Two weeks after I resigned, Chuck Baldwin resigned on February 15, 2012, with the following statement that expressed my opinion as well:

    “When Bob and I announced my candidacy for Lieutenant Governor here in Kalispell, I said, ‘We are in this race to win.’ I realized then that, in order to be competitive, there were certain criteria that had to be met. I knew our campaign had to raise a sizeable sum of money; and knew that we had to put together a quality campaign organization. Since making our announcement back in November, this campaign has accomplished neither task.

    “Therefore, it is more than obvious to me that this campaign has no chance of being successful in the primary elections. And I have too much respect for the people of Montana than to ask them to support a candidacy that cannot at least be competitive. People who believe in a political campaign enough to invest their time and hard-earned money in it have a right to expect that the candidates they support can deliver a successful campaign.

    Chuck and I agreed that we should abandon Fanning's campaign because it was unsuccessful in meeting its fund-raising goal. I don't see this as any failure on Chuck's part or my part. It was just the facts of life and it was time to move on.

    Then, I went back to my original choice and supported Neil Livingstone. When Rick Hill won the primary, I and Neil immediately announced our support for Rick Hill. We were both at the Republican gathering in Helena on primary election night, June 5, 2012.

    Surely, you do not criticize Chuck Baldwin and me for resigning from a campaign that failed to meet its goals. And surely you do not criticize those who back the successful candidate after the primary election.

  5. Dallas Erickson

    The Libertarian Platform stands for the right for homosexuals to marry, no laws against child pornography or obscenity, no regulations of sexual conduct in public, wide open access to drugs, legal prostitution, and legal abortions with no bounds and the list goes on. (Google Libertarian Platform).

    In my opinion and the opinion of the Bible and Christ's teachings these things will bring us to total destruction. Licentiousness was never liberty. But it is bondage. If our nation falls into bondage on these issues none of the others really matter.

    A candidate of any stripes could never be considered the lessor of the two evils who supports such positions and platforms but if Judged by the Ten Commandments would be the most evil of the evil.

    The Libertarian flag bearers are the Anti-Christian Lawyers Union (ACLU). . . oh I men the American Civil Libeties Union. They even support the free flow of child pornography as the Libertarians do.

    Besides, anyone advocating a vote for someone who does not have a chance to win and supports abortion, the worlds most evil evil, will be accountable for the babies killed because of their vote. Staying home will accomplish the same thing and have the same accountability.

  6. From the Missoulian:

    Candidate for U.S. Senate: Dan Cox, Libertarian

    Office sought: U.S. Senate.

    Office salary: $174,000.

    Party: Libertarian.

    Age: 36.

    Birthplace: Logan, Utah.

    Home: Hamilton.

    Occupation: Owner of a fishing tackle manufacturing company.

    Family: Wife, Sheila Welke-Cox; three children; three stepchildren; and three grandchildren.

    Past employment: Former president and director of a little girls dress-up company that grew to more than 30 employees. Previous employment includes a newspaper delivery, nursery, tree farm, construction, dishwasher, golf club scrubber, factory assembly, factory welding, car sales and temporary service jobs.

    Political experience: Candidate for Montana Senate, 2010

    Dan Cox has neither the education, the business experience, nor the political experience to be qualified to be a US Senator.

    Dan, first get yourself elected as dog catcher. Then work your way up. And while you are at it, get yourself at least a college degree.

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