America and Montana choose the Greater Good

by Dr. Ed Berry

EXB150Republicans picked up 9 seats in the US Senate (7 races competed and 2 in process) and more seats in the US House. Say “Good bye” to Harry Reid as Republicans take control the US Senate in 2015.

This 2014 Republican sweep is a national shift toward the Republican Party, primarily due to extreme dissatisfaction with Obama. Republican voters helped stop Obama’s plan to destroy America. See D’Souza’s America (BlueRay DVD, Kindle, hardcover).

Republicans may be too late to stop Obama’s next executive order to legalize the illegal aliens but Republicans will be able to stop many of Obama’s destructive plans after they take control of Congress in 2015.

Only six times since World War II has the opposite party taken control of Congress in sixth year of a president’s term. Five of those six times, the opposite party won the next presidential election. This bodes well for a Republican president in 2016 and bad for Hillary’s plan to succeed Obama.

The Republican Landslide in Montana

Montana is finally the state I hoped for when I moved here in 2008.

Steve Daines beat Amanda Curtis by 58 to 40 percent. Ryan Zinke beat John Lewis by 56 to 40 percent. This result shows the Democrats could run Adolf Hitler and still get 40 percent of the vote. It also shows Libertarians should quit running in final elections because they will never beat even the Democrat base.

The percent of votes by Daines and Zinke compares to Ronald Reagan’s 59 to 41 percent landslide victory over Walter Mondale in 1984.

Daines and Zinke captured 50 of Montana’s 56 counties. The Dems captured only Bighorn, Blaine, Deer Lodge, Glacier, Missoula, and Silver Bow counties. Only Lewis & Clark and Roosevelt counties had close races.

Reagan captured 98 percent of the electoral vote in 1984. Using counties as simulated electoral votes, Daines and Zinke captured 89 percent of the counties while the Dems collected only 11 percent. Close enough for government work.

The victories by Daines and Zinke are LANDSLIDES and American Republican wins are MANDATES.

Radical Left Losers

Environmentalists lost because voters did not buy their claims that the oceans and temperatures will rise if they continue to produce carbon dioxide. The climate scare has lost its influence on voters.

Obama lost but he does not care because he has a great retirement plan waiting for him. Hillary lost her chance to easily slip into Obama’s shoes.

Radical Right Losers

Libertarian voters had no effect on the Daines and Zinke victories in any county.

Libertarian votes against Daines dropped from 4 percent in 2012 to 2 percent in 2014. The Libertarian votes against Ryan Zinke were 4 percent of the total vote, the same percent as the Libertarian votes against Daines in 2012. However, 2012 had about 480,000 total voters while 2014 had only 360,000 total voters. Therefore, there were about 25 percent fewer Libertarian voters in 2014.

Libertarian voters shot down one of their own. The very conservative Republican Jerry O’Neil in House District 3 lost to the Democrat by 47 votes while the Libertarian took 136 votes.

Extremist Losers

Oath Keepers National Chaplain, Pastor Chuck Baldwin, campaigned to elect Democrat John Lewis to US Congress. In the end, God defeated Pastor Chuck Baldwin.

Today, Pastor Baldwin published another of his negative views of politics, but he now has lost his influence on Montana elections.

Republican Party Message

Montana Republican Party Chairman Will Deschamps offered his congratulations today to Senator-Elect Steve Daines and Congressman-Elect Ryan Zinke, both of whom won decisive victories in their respective races.

“Montana has selected a great duo to represent us in Washington,” said Chairman Deschamps. “Successful businessman Steve Daines was able to accomplish the unprecedented and win a US Senate seat that hasn’t been held by Republicans in over one hundred years. He’ll be joined by former SEAL Team Six commander Ryan Zinke, who will provide immediate leadership as the state’s lone Congressman.”

“We’d like to thank the voters for placing their trust and confidence in our GOP candidates. In addition to our two big wins in the federal races, we are also extremely proud of our results in down-ballot races. We’ve built upon our comfortable majority in the State Senate, kept the Public Service Commission in all-Republican hands, and maintained a significant majority in the State House of Representatives. By all accounts, this election was a decisive victory for Montana Republicans.”

“These victories wouldn’t be possible without the hard work of our great candidates and their committed campaign teams. A special thank-you goes out to Executive Director Bowen Greenwood and our 75 staff members, who worked tirelessly to support GOP efforts. The Montana Republican Party has much to be proud of this election and we look forward to earning the trust voters have placed in us.”

10 thoughts on “America and Montana choose the Greater Good”

  1. CONGRATULATIONS Montana. Not only did you win for the state, but yours was one of the "pick-up" states needed to overturn Demonic control of the Senate, so you've greatly helped the nation as well!

    Last I'd heard this morning, Republicans had only picked up 7 seats. I know that Louisiana is slated for a Dec 6 runoff, and Virginia was too close to call. I'd love to know, Ed, why you are so assured that 2 more states WILL end up in the red column. Is it just optimism, or do you have info I haven't seen?

    I need something positive to focus on, as results in my neck of the woods are dismal—except for my very own local assembly race, where just 182 votes separate the "cartel/machine" incumbent from the feisty little soccer mom challenger–and she's the one leading with those 182 votes at the moment!

    Again, congrats to Montana, kudos to all the voters there who used common sense in their choices, and may Baldwin (whom I once admired and respected) and Rhodes sit in the dunces seat until they wise up!

  2. Well Ed, enjoy your moment in the sun. You spend a lot of time bashing those whose highest moral calling is more than voting for a candidate with an "R" behind their name. Many of us remember plenty of God hating, oath violating and pro-tyranny actions of many an "R" in the past. Will this be the beginning of a roll back of those laws? I doubt it. Will personal freedom magically increase and government power decrease now? I doubt it. Will Pastor Baldwin be proven wrong "once and for all" and have to eat his words about there being no real difference between the "D"s and the "R"s? I hope so….but I doubt it. Your exuberance is understandable. You seem to think we are in for a "turn around." You could be right. I hope you are, but I doubt it. I will be watching who they push on us for a presidential candidate. Will it be a solid pro-liberty guy or another neo-con, big corporate sell-out? Maybe they've changed and it will be the former but I doubt it.

  3. @3, Dear Steve, Thank you for you comment. I am as cautious as you are but I believe we must set our goal on a shinning star and do our best to achieve it. If we lose, no one will say we did not try. One little baby step at a time.

  4. It is a good day indeed when the far left faction of any state looses an election and this one is especially important because it shows Obama, even if he is not astute enough to recognize the fact, that the nation is fed up with his agenda that has not worked for anyone other than the rich that he maintains should give back everything they have because, "you didn't build that". I don't see Warren Buffett, whose BNSF railroad has prospered greatly due to the blockage of the Keystone XL pipeline, or Bill Gates giving it all back, but that is another issue.

    I am left to wonder at where all of these dissatisfied conservative voters were in 2012 when they did not get out and vote for a good man who had actually done something, Mitt Romney & let this individual who, even after 4 years, showed that his lack of qualifications were causing his administration to be an abysmal failure but yet they allowed him to be elected to finish the job he had started and that was, until this mid term, destroy the nation. At least this midterm demonstrates that my fears, because of the 2012 election, that the nation had in fact reached a tipping point due to so many people being on food stamps and not paying any federal income tax and they wanted to keep that the status quo.

  5. I am just really set to tell you all "I told you so." Over and and over and over again…
    First I want to thank all of you true conservatives and liberty minded candidates who bravely stepped up and ran on substance and principles. As long as there are still people like you, we may still have a chance in taking back our country. Thank you.

    And now to those of you who really think that flipping the "coin" will change the value.

    Boehner: 'Jobs and Energy Bills' Come First; No Mention of Obamacare | CNS News

    And then there's Mitch McConnell. the new senate- to- be- leader. I did note his remark of "working with" the Democrats. Gee makes me feel better already.

    Vote fraud? Hey "What difference does it make?!!" Then you have that saying about doing the same thing over and over again…expecting different results? Think the voters will ever get the clue? LMAO

    Here's another commentary you may be interested in.
    America rejects failed Obama era; Republicans seize Senate, but what will they do with it?

    "Is America really on a new path of freedom and prosperity, or has the District of Criminals (D.C.) merely flipped from one gang to another? The next two years will provide us the answers. The era of Obama lawlessness may be coming to a close, but if we're not careful, Republicans might be steering us directly into a whole new era of Orwellian "soft fascism" where corporations decide everything and the People are increasingly stripped of power, rights, privacy and freedom. That was, after all, precisely what the Bush era brought us in the first place, which is partly why Obama got elected in such a landslide in 2008".

    " The argument that the two parties should represent opposed ideals and policies, one, perhaps, of the Right and the other of the Left, is a foolish idea acceptable only to doctrinaire and academic thinkers." Carroll Quigley

    Mr Quigley must be LHAO in his grave.
    Anyway, at least I'll get to say "I told you so" over and over and over…again

  6. @7 You cite a perfect example of how to be fooled by statistics. The implied assumption in the statistical analysis by PoliticsThatWork is the Republican and Democrat parties have remained internally consistent since 1930. That assumption is overwhelmingly false.

    Today's Democrat Party is not even the party of JFK. It is now the Communist-Socialist Party being led by Alinsky-trained Obama who is working purposely to take down America.

    The only way to judge which party today is best for our economy is to look at the actions of each party. On that score, only the R Party is working to build up America while the D Party is working to tear down America.

  7. @6 Dear Ele, you are doing what is called "cherry picking" your data. We can always find data to support pro and con arguments, and if we only look at one side we will always argue for that side. But the intelligence challenge is to find the truth by looking at both pro and con data. On that score, your arguments fail.

  8. Actually Ed, Judge Nap, who would make a good president and protect the constitution, says there is really just one party called the Big Government Party. They have a Democratic wing and a Republican wing. Judge Nap considers himself a libertarian, not a Republican or Conservative. I don't think we'll see much from this do nothing Congress this year.

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