U of M should refund Climate Students tuition

by Dr. Ed Berry

You have the right to believe in your climate change religion but you don’t have the right to force your religion on all society. Nor do you have the right to teach your religion in our schools, colleges, and universities. 

But this is what Montana HJ-10 was all about. It was about making their climate change religion a state enforced religion. It was about giving all teachers, professors, media blabberheads, brainwashed students, politicians, government bureaucrats, and eco-freak organizations the unilateral right to stuff their false climate change religion down your unwilling throat.

Montana HJ-10 said climate change is settled. It ignored the 1000’s of scientists who say our carbon dioxide does not cause significant climate change, and the 1000’s of peer-reviewed scientific reports that lay waste to the myth that our carbon dioxide causes dangerous climate change. HJ-10 ignored that fact there is no evidence that climate is anything other than natural.

Sponsored by Rep Doug Coffin (D), Missoula, a professor of Molecular Genetics at the University of Montana, HJ-10 attempted to block scientific discussion and debate on an issue where his side has clearly lost the debate. Saying the science of climate change is “settled” is as outrageous as saying politics is settled, and claiming as proof the fact that more people voted for Obama than for Romney. It is as outrageous and saying “religion” is settled and all the diverse religions of the world should now join the one-world religion the puppet masters of this fraud say you should join. It is as outrageous as having a government enforced religion.

Why would a university professor of science sponsor a bill that is so anti-science?

Because he is among those university professors with impressive titles who have abandoned science. They make a mockery of education and they are having a devastating effect on American education. Indeed, American university education has fallen a long way since the days when I attended Caltech and as a freshman had the pleasure to be taught by Dr. Linus Pauling, among many other great engineers and scientists.

The new degraded liberal education tells students what to think than how to think. To liberal control freaks, which such professors are, it is much more satisfying to produce students who become zombies who will never question their new religion you have taught them.

At the hearing for HJ-10 on Wednesday, Feb 13, the good professor brought in many former brainwashed students of the U of M Climate Change course to testify in behalf of his bill. They each rattled of their predictable set of irrational reasons we should believe in climate change. Added to them were representatives of the Sierra Club and other insane eco-freak organizations. All told, there were 16 pro-testimonies and 4 con-testimonies.

Some former students even thought they were experts in climate change after taking the U of M course. In fact, they were willful puppets of their proud brainwashers. They were fully plugged into the BORG and were all of one mindset.

Here is a fact: if a so-called science class includes teaching about social issues, for example a climate science class teaching opinions about how we must reduce our carbon dioxide emissions to save the planet, then this class is NOT about science. Clearly, these students learned no science yet they all thought they had.

I presented my case against HJ-10 saying it must be rejected because (a) it conflicts with the Montana Supreme Court ruling, supported by then Attorney General and now Governor, Steve Bullock, of June 15, 2011, saying climate change science is not settled, and (b) it conflicts with science, logic, and Montana’s independence.

Rep Doug Coffin (D), Missoula, introduced HJ 10. Information about Rep Doug Coffin is here and here. The HJ 10 legislative draft is here. Continuing Bill information will be hereDownload PDF. For more information, go to ClimateClash.

1 thought on “U of M should refund Climate Students tuition”

  1. petemdot@yahoo.com

    The word out there in the rumor mill is that Doug Coffin wants to be state senator from Missoula – and hopes to make that happen next year via the new legislative
    re-apportionment in the state. Having seen Dr. Coffin's performance and propaganda motivations regarding climate science admirably laid out for us by Dr. Ed Berry's posts, I will be highly motivated to keep, not only that from happening, but preventing him from getting re-elected to the House. It seems that people such as Doug Coffin, Nobel prize recipient Steve Running, Tom Power, retired U of MT economics prof. (who has worked closely with Dr. Running evangelizing their human-caused climate mythology across the state) – and others are either enormously stupid, ignorant or (which is most likely in my mind) complicit in forcing this dangerous religion upon us. Does this all have a slightly totalitarian smell to it?

    I know their ambitious plan – blaming humans for the warming – is an integral, crucial part of ICLEI's agenda for instituting Sustainable Development.
    The connections are there for all to see, and what we do from here on out is, in my view, as important as it gets.
    Pete MacLachlan
    Hamilton, Montana

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