MEIC is occupied by Left-Wing Lunatics

by Dr. Ed Berry

The Montana Environmental Information Center (MEIC) began in with the 1972 Montana revised Constitution. Sometimes I think Montana’s 1972 revised constitution was an underground liberal takeover of Montana.

“The Montana Environmental Information Center is a nonprofit public benefit corporation incorporated in 1974 under the laws of the State of Montana. MEIC is exempt from federal income taxation because it is the type of organization described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Most donations to MEIC are deductible as charitable contributions under Section 170 of the Internal Revenue Code.”

MEIC is now celebrating its 40th anniversary, thanks to the mindless conservatives who will not elect a governor who will restaff MEIC with right-thinking conservatives. In its 40-year reign over Montana, the extreme liberal MEIC staff has extended its original constitutional mission -to maintain a clean and healthful environment for all Montanans – into supporting the fundamental religion of the eco extremists.

MEIC is not an unbiased, helpful state organization. It is a communist environmental front. MEIC’s  Legislative Newsletters support the extreme liberal Democratic agenda. A quick review of MEIC’s position on key bills in the 2013 Montana Legislature shows MEIC supports every Democratic bill and opposes every Republican bill.

MEIC has become a political tool for the Democratic agenda in Montana … supported by your tax dollars.

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