Did Montana Senator Tester lose his marbles?

by Dr. Edwin Berry

Last week, Montana Senator Tester voted to block Montana Congressman Ryan Zinke from becoming Secretary of Interior. Tester’s vote should deserve a nomination for a political Darwin award.

If Tester has any marbles, he should know that Ryan Zinke is the one Republican who will easily take Tester’s Senate seat in 2018, unless Zinke is otherwise occupied.

In his own self interest, Tester should lead the Senate to approve Ryan Zinke for Secretary of Interior. Because if the Senate does not approve Zinke, it’s bye-bye Senator Tester in 2018.

Speaking of lost marbles, another nomination for a political Darwin award should go to those VCEs (whom I describe in my book) who voted Libertarian in 2012 because Republican Denny Rehberg “was not good enough” for them. These VCEs thereby elected Senator Tester.

These irrational VCEs also opposed Montana’s CSKT Water Compact. Republicans could sure use Denny in the US Senate right now.

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