America: Imagine a World without Her

by Dr. Ed Berry

The question is: “Is America worth saving?”

Dinesh D’Souza’s “America: Imagine a World without Her” explains why we must stop Obama and the Progressive Democrats from taking America down.

America: Imagine a World without Her” movie and book is a masterpiece.

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Here’s my introduction for D’Souza’s book and movie:

It took a guy named D’Souza from India, to come to America and graduate from Dartmouth College (like I did) to show us Americans the dangerous path we have blindly allowed America to take.

Most Americans have no idea that America’s very survival is at stake or why it is at stake. By plan, our media does not tell Americans of their coming demise because if it did, we would try to stop it. The plan depends upon stealth and surprise.

Lincoln said in his Lyceum Address,

If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of freemen, we must live through all time, or die by suicide.

D’Souza writes,

… the American era is ending in part because a powerful group of Americans wants it to end. The American dream is shrinking because some of our leaders want it to shrink. Decline, in other words, has become a policy objective. And if this decline continues at the current pace, America as we know it will cease to exist. In effect, we will have committed national suicide.

Obama’s diabolical plan is to “Change” America in two steps: Tear it down then reconstruct it as a second-rate country with a much lower standard of living.

Obama’s progressives in Democrats clothing want to bring America down because they believe America deserves it. They teach this in our schools and universities. This plan an integral part of America’s policy, foreign and domestic. According to D’Souza,

The plan for national suicide is in effect. And if it continues to be implemented, it is merely a matter of time—years rather than decades— for the American era to be finished. American lives will be diminished, and the “American dream” will be an object of past recollection and contemporary sneering. In the minds of those who brought this about, this will be a very good thing.

Already, there are three signs of America’s decline:

  1. The American economy is stagnant and shrinking compared to other countries. By 2016, Obama’s America will be dominated by China. America’s short reign in global power will be over. The Chinese language will rule the world.
  2. America’s debt is now larger than its annual gross domestic product, thanks to Obama, and America’s debt is owned mainly by China and the Arab nations. Under Obama and his Progressives, America will soon be bankrupt.
  3. America is losing its position in the world as Obama downsizes its nuclear arsenal while other countries build theirs. Obama’s goal is to reduce America’s nuclear weapons to zero. This will end America’s dominance.

Obama’s foreign policy has reduced America’s influence to its lowest point since the 1940s while China and Russia have superceded America’s impact in Asia, Europe, and South America.

Back to D’Souza,

Decline has consequences, not only for America but also for Americans. We are facing the prospect of a sharp drop not merely in America’s role in the world, but also in America’s standard of living. In some respects, America is exchanging places with the emerging countries. They are getting stronger while we grow weaker. They gain the influence that we have lost or relinquished. They are growing rapidly while we are risking an economic collapse that would plunge us into second- or even third-world status.

Two and a half centuries ago, America’s Founders created a new country using a new formula. George Washington said the cause of America was also the “cause of mankind.” Neil Armstrong’s “One small step for man – One giant step for mankind” may have punctuated the end of America’s rise and the beginning of its fall.

D’Souza noted,

What they could not have known, however, is that they were also creating the last best hope for Western civilization.

America was unique among all previous countries because it was not based on conquest but by examples of values and institutions. If America dies it will be the end of Western civilization. There is no country that can pick up America’s baton.

Why did this happen?

The Obama Democrats are not your father’s Democrats. They are new Democrats, the Communist Progressives. Their vision for America is entirely different than previous Democrats and present Republicans.

Our battle is against an anti-American ideology. We have never been in such a battle before. We cannot fight it with our defense department. We can fight it only by educating Americans about its danger and teaching them how to fight it.

D’Souza writes,

The new progressive ideology proceeds from a powerful left-wing critique of America, one that grew out of the 1960s and has been refined and elaborated since then.

This critique builds on a single idea: theft.

Obama’s Progressives believe America was founded by theft and they believe it is time to give back everything America stole. America succeeded, according to progressives, by stealing land from America Indians, labor from African Americans, land from Mexico, and oil from the Middle East.

Liberals, now “progressives,” adopted anti-colonialism in the 1960s during the Vietnam War. Now they use this ideology to drive America’s decline.

Obama assimilated anti-colonialism from six mentors: Barack Obama Sr., former Communist Frank Marshall Davis, domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, Palestinian scholar Edward Said, self-described Brazilian revolutionary Roberto Mangabeira Unger, and Reverend Jeremiah Wright.

Obama did his graduate studies in anti-colonialism in Hawaii, Columbia University, Harvard Law School, and Chicago.

D’Souza writes,

The core of progressivism, of Obama’s philosophy, is a moral critique of capitalism.

Obama’s mainstream progressive view requires productive Americans to return their wealth to its rightful owners, and Obama will decide who these rightful owners are.

According to D’Souza, Obama plans America’s reparations be large transfers of wealth to the rest of the world and wealth redistribution inside America.

Obama told a crowd of supporters,

“If you’ve got a business— you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.”

Progressive say America deserves to die.

D’Souza’s goal

D’Souza’s book “America” refutes for the first time the progressive critique of America. He shows how our free market system is efficient and fair, and he provides new understanding of what America means and why America is worth preserving.

Most important, D’Souza shows that America invented something new in the world that Obama and progressives do not understand:

There are very few truly world-changing inventions. Fire is one of them. The wheel is another. The invention of agriculture is a third.

In this book I will show that America is a society based upon perhaps the most important invention of all time: the invention of wealth creation.

D’Souza nails it. Wealth creation is a fundamental truth. We do not need to steal someone’s property to produce wealth. We may buy resources owned by others but our contribution is in what we do with those resources.

We can build a computer from sand, silver, and steel, or other materials. We turn material of small value into an object of significant value. The final product is a creation of our imagination and hard work. We create software that has great value out of nothing but our ingenuity and hard work.

Wealth creation is not a modern concept. In medieval times, great composers created value from nothing but their vision and work. They stole nothing from anyone to create value. Still, “for most of human history,” D’Souze writes, “wealth was presumed to be finite.”

The progressive ideology that Obama and his Democrats use to tear down America is invalid. We are allowing progressives to tear down America over a lie.

D’Souza writes,

“This idea is hard for us in America to understand.”

I add, Americans who have created wealth understand it.

Wealth creation is even a principle of physics, related to the entropy or disorganization inside a system. We humans can create value when we organize elements inside a system. (We can do this because we are low-entropy sinks who absorb entropy when we organize a system.)

Organize something and you can create wealth. But unless maintained, the organization will disappear.

“From dust you were made and to dust you shall return,”

is a statement of the Second Law of Thermodynamics.

You can build a sand castle by organizing sand. Come back next week and it will be disorganized. Leave a child in a room with all toys organized and he will soon have them disorganized, because children are not yet capable of organizing the world around them.

D’Souza shows how America is the first society to be based upon innovation and free enterprise and he shows how this system is fair and just.

D’Souza shows how the progressives are the real thieves because they use the power of the state to steal property from people who earned it. Progressives have declared war on wealth creators and their war is tearing down America.

To secure their diabolical plan, progressives use the power of the state to enhance national surveillance and individual prosecution. Obama even put D’Souza in jail as punishment for his book about Obama.

Is America worth saving? Yes. But progressives want America to commit suicide.

The world needs America, but only Americans can restore the formula for prosperity and human flourishing to benefit untold millions of those now living and those yet to come.

What now?

D’Souza’s book and movie should be a wake-up call to all Americans. We assumed we could save America by restricting our votes to only the most conservative Republicans, or by voting Libertarian if we didn’t like a Republican candidate.

But that path does not solve our problem. It only digs our grave. Our real problem is we have elected a president whose vision is to change America int0 a third-world country because America deserves to be destroyed. Then we elected to Congress, Progressive Communist Democrats who vote lock-step to support Obama in his goal.

Day by day while we play, Obama works to “change” America into his vision. When his work is done, he will kiss us all good bye as he turns America over to the dominance of China.

Meanwhile as Obama and his progressives take America downhill, we “conservative” Americans play our “tit-for-tat” political games to fool ourselves that we support “moral principles” when we vote Libertarian. That, my friends, is our path to suicide.

When will we ever learn?

No third party can ever beat the now-well-organized Progressive Communist Democrat Party. The only way to stop Obama and his loyal Democrats from taking down America and all of us with it, is to elect enough Republicans to dominate the Democrats.

First, we must eliminate the Progressive Communist Democrats. Later, we can elect better Republicans, if that be your goal. The only way to save America is to first remove our greatest enemies.

But for years, we have nit-picked Republicans, called them “neocons” or “RINOs” and then voted for Libertarians to “make a statement” that the Republicans have not reached our pure state of perfection. As a result, we have empowered America’s worst enemy because we forgot to vote for the greater good. How silly.

We should not expect “perfection” from Republicans. That won’t happen. We are not perfect beings. But as a group, ONLY the Republicans can and will fight against Obama’s planned destruction of America.

So when we vote in the 2014 election, let us truly “choose the candidates who will do the greater good” for America. Here are the essential parameters:

  1. The “greater good” candidates will not be Democrats because even good Democrats will vote lock-step with the Democrat majority and Obama on every key issue.
  2. The “greater good” candidates will not be Libertarians because Democrats will ALWAYS beat Libertarians. Therefore, a vote for a Libertarian is a vote for a Democrat, which is a vote for the greater evil.
  3. The only “greater good” candidates in today’s world will be Republicans, whether we like it or not. If you don’t vote Republican, plan to tell your kids and grandkids that you voted to put them into slavery.

The key to voting for the “greater good” is to evaluate the Republican vision versus the Democrat vision for America. The Progressive Democrat vision is to take down America.The Republican vision is to build up America. Republicans may not be perfect but they have the only vision that will save America.

Now go back to the top and click the link to get your copy of America.

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  1. ED; I have read the book by Dinesh D’Souza “America: Imagine a World without Her” and am very impressed with his ability, even though coming from India, to understand and realize all of the problems facing the nation today while it seems the ones who should be preventing these horrible occurrences from happening do not seem to have any idea ,at all, just what is happening. There are some Republicans that have an idea about it and what should be done to prevent the total destruction of the nation; but, is anyone listening to them? The key thing is that people need to get out and vote and vote for the Republican because they, even if you do not think they are conservative enough, at least will not be a total socialist like most of the Democrats are, such as Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.

    When doing some research on education in the U.S. I happened on this information:
    "Roughly 20 percent of the general population is liberal and 40 percent is conservative. Conservatives are in an uphill battle for the hearts and mind of a  generation–most students probably graduate without ever having a class taught by a professor with a conservative view point."

    If it is true that 20 percent of the general population is liberal and 40 percent is conservative, then one can certainly wonder at where they are come election day. If the results are what they have been the last two presidential election cycles where this most unqualified person, ever, to be president is elected, then this 40% has not voted and therefore has NO right to complain about anything this charlatan is doing to the nation.

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