Feds will pay Montana $1 million to replace EPA

That’s a future headline but it is doable. We all know the EPA is a problem. Now we have a workable solution.

The plan is to replace the US EPA with a Committee of the Whole 50 state environmental protection agencies. The feds will pay $1 million per year to each state to manage their own environment.

Download the solution to the EPA problem here.

Not only will this plan solve one big problem in America but it may also serve as a model for a plan to transfer federal lands to the individual states. The land transfer should also have the feds pay each state a fee that will allow the states to properly manage the transferred land.

In total, reducing the federal bureaucracy will save a lot of money. The Endangered Species Act should be included.

Dr. Jay Lehr, who helped design the original EPA that was authorized in 1971, developed this plan to dismantle the EPA, with Heartland Institute sponsorship. Dr. Lehr, of the Heartland Institute, described this plan to the attendees of Heartland’s Ninth International Conference on Climate Change, held in Las Vegas July 7-9, 2014.

Dr. Lehr said the EPA worked well until the liberal activists took over the EPA in 1981 to advance their political agenda. Lehr says the best way to stop EPA damage now is to dismantle the EPA and let the individual states take care of their own property.

Download the solution to the EPA problem here.

1 thought on “Feds will pay Montana $1 million to replace EPA”

  1. Dr. Lehr is 100 percent right. The EPA was created by Pres. Nixon, and it worded well 10 years , cleaning up rivers on the east coast. Forcing cities to install filters to clean the water. Stopping factories from dumping dirty air into the atmosphere, causing acid rain. Then the EPA ran out of things they do, so like so many bureaucracies , they create more regulations on industry. But getting back to 1971 thru 1981, The EPA went after companies that produced steel, and companies that employed men. They were using affirmative action and quotas. Under these new regulations , companies could no longer hire the best and the brightest. Also in 1972 mothers after a baby , went right back to work, most women quit their jobs , went home and prepared to be a mother. The workforce double from 70 million people 80% men, 20 % women, buy 1983 there were 135 million people in the workforce. Starting 1964 thru 2010, congress passed over 400 laws to empower women, 0 laws for men. Before 1970 the inflation rate was 2% , after 1972 it jump to 15%. We in this country now, women out number men in the workforce, and government at all levels out number people working sector. Remember only the private sector pay taxes.

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