What the new Montana Election Poll means to you

by Dr. Ed Berry

Here is a quick summary of a new Montana poll. Here is the PDF.

Governor candidates Rick Hill (R) and Steve Bullock (D) are tied. The Libertarian has 4 percent and an independent has another 4 percent. 7 percent are undecided.

Attorney General candidate Tim Fox (R) is well ahead with 45 percent to 35 percent for the D, and 20 percent are undecided.

Superintendent of Public Instruction candidates Sandy Welch (R) and incumbent Denise Juneau (D) are tied. Undecided are 19 percent.

Secretary of State candidates Brad Johnson (R) and incumbent Linda McCulloch (D) are tied. An independent has 8 percent and 9 percent are undecided.

State Auditor candidates Derek Skees (R) has 37 percent while Monica Lindeens (D) has 44 percent and 19 percent are undecided.

What do these numbers tell us and why are they important?

The winners of these elections will be on the State Land Board. They will control the development of Montana’s natural resources. Democrats lock up resources. Republicans open resources for development. Democrats believe in global warming and want to stop all carbon dioxide emissions. Republican do not fall for this fallacy and will allow our carbon fuels to be used to improve Montana’s economy. Montana’s economy is worse than North Dakota’s because Democrats control Montana and Republicans control North Dakota.

Tim Fox will win. Why are the other R candidates not doing as well? This is Tim’s second run and he has better name recognition. He is also an excellent and impressive candidate.

Sandy Welch is the most qualified candidate to run for Superintendent of Public Instruction in Montana’s history so far as I know. She has the necessary experience, education, leadership ability, and common sense to truly improve Montana’s education system. Her opponent has the support of the teachers unions. This race is between education excellence and the Democratic unions that don’t care about excellence.

Derek Skees should be doing better. I think his problem lies squarely on the tea party folks. Derek openly promoted Ken Miller during his primary campaign. This settled well with tea party folks but not so well with mainstream Republicans.

I wrote an article in PolyMontana several weeks ago saying the tea party folks must support all Republicans IF they want to see their candidate Derek elected. To date, only one Montana tea party is openly supporting Republicans. As I mentioned above, several more are privately supporting Republicans.

I will say this again to those who, like me, would like to see Derek elected rather than the Democrat. It is crucial that you get on the Republican bandwagon or you will not achieve your own political goals.

I am well aware some of you feel the Republican Party has mistreated you. I say, get over it. You are not the dominant part of conservatives. Therefore, you must work with the mainstream Republicans. And if you can hurry up and show your support for all Republicans, you will find the mainstream Republicans will help you elect your candidate.

The best way to win in the remaining few weeks is to support all our Republican candidates.

There is not time or resources to give Derek Skees sufficient state-wide name recognition. The only hope for Derek is to use Republican coattails. Most undecided voters not have time to get familiar with all the candidates. Therefore, they will go into the voting booth and cast their votes for the party they think will best represent them.

It is up to you tea party folks to make the first effort to kiss and make up. You cannot expect to win by supporting selected Republican candidates. You must join the team and support all Republican candidates.

Then we can all celebrate a happy ending.

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