Romney turns traitor on American conservatives

It’s acceptable for candidates and their rooting sections to debate each other. It’s not acceptable for the GOP elite to attack and try to remove the GOP frontrunner. Donald Trump is the ONLY hope the GOP has to defeat the Democrats. They would rather elect Hillary than Donald Trump. Trump supported Romney. Traitor Romney stabs Trump in the back. This is disgusting. – Ed

MittCarthyism: Romney Disgraces Himself With Dishonest Attack On Trump

by John Nolte, repost from

On behalf of the Republican Establishment that has lost the popular vote in 5 of the last 6 presidential elections, the man who Candy Crowley turned into a quivering puddle of loser, stood before the cameras late-Thursday morning to hurl naked McCarthyism at Republican frontrunner Donald Trump. It’s fine to attack Trump, or anyone, on substance and legitimate differences of opinion and style, but this was pure MittCarthyism:

I predict that there are more bombshells in his tax returns. I predict that he doesn’t give much if anything to the disabled and to our veterans. I predict that he told the New York Times that his immigration talk is just that: talk.

Forget the fact that Mitt Romney is showing more fight and spirit and willingness to go scorched earth against Trump than he ever did when America most needed him, in 2012.

Forget the fact that this last minute push to defeat Trump, that most analysts admit is impossible, is almost certainly just another Republican Establishment grift; another phony GOP fundraising scam that is going to fail, just like all the other phony GOP fundraising scams. (Hey Sucker: Help Us Stop ObamaCare! Again!)

What is beyond disgraceful, though, is Mitt Romney, a man who himself was a victim of these McCarthy-ite tactics, gleefully practicing the same against Trump. With no evidence, nothing to back up his accusations, the same Mitt Romney who lacked the nerve to prosecute Obama over Benghazi, demanded a fellow Republican prove he’s not acommunist liar, thief, or felon.

With his ham-fisted lecture against Trump as a “phony” and “fraud,” Romney also called millions of Republican voters suckers for supporting a “con man.” Who are these freaks?

Even though he lost what should have been a lay-up against a failed president, Romney always struck me as a man of character, a weak man in many ways, but still a decent man. Today, though, Romney revealed himself as just another con man, another GOP demagogue terrified at the idea of an outsider upsetting the business-as-usual that him filthy rich while the middle class treaded stagnant water.

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15 thoughts on “Romney turns traitor on American conservatives”

  1. As a registered Republican I am disgusted with the Republican Party "Establishment" and the arrogance they demonstrate by purporting that only they know what is best for Americans. Like or dislike a candidate it is ultimately up to each voter to make a decision…..I believe it is called "democracy". I have not settled on a candidate, but I plan to leave the party, register independent and vote my conscience in future.

    1. and the people said…AMEN! And I have finally decided on Trump since Dr. Carson has given up the fight:(

  2. Fox,

    re: MITT ON FOX

    Hey Mitt you jerk, if you said this kind of stuff when you ran against Obama, you would have won, and this whole scenario would not be here. But ya know what,I like TRUMP more now. So what is the story Mitt R U running? I would vote for Bernie over you.

    I am seeing 'red' right now.

    Jim Sherwood


  3. Mike Huckabee,

    What in good God’s name is with the GOP? That was disgraceful, the ‘outsider’ rant by Mitt on Fox today.

    Jim Sherwood

  4. I guess I am really angry at this Mitt-thing



    Romney is calling 'the Donald' a phony? Romney who enabled the second election of Obama is calling the kettle black? I am SO done with Mitt! What is he chiming in for? The GOP needs to get the hell out of the way of the people electing their President. Huckabee is correct, it is not a 'Selection', it is an 'EEEEEE-LECTION'!

  5. Romney's father made the same speech knocking Barry Goldwater, back in 1963. Look who this Country ended up having , johnson. Pres johnson started the destruction of the family, and the morals being destroyed. johnson's great society. then add pres. nixon and all the bad things he did to this country.

  6. I never realized that Mitt was such deceitful scumbag

    If he had half the guts that Trump, he might have saved us

    From Obama, what a disgrase

  7. As a member of your own faith Mitt I'm sad for your choice. Mind you it is your choice. You were given agency by God to choose. If you vote Clinton your enabling a president who supports sharia law by getting more cash. So if what your about … the money and making sure your lifestyle isn't upset by making a hard choice to support a party that the founding fathers would support. Then go ahead Mitt . Choose ye this day whom ye will serve. Trump may not be the Kennedy statesman but he is a revolutionary as was George Washington. And I realize he not the Christ in any way. But you've turned your back on the party you've been a member of. Your a "Peter" and a "Judas". You've denied your party leader and sold homes out for your own 30 pieces of silver. Be bold. Stand firm for a party the more closely represents God more than the other. The New world order. No party is perfect. But you don't stab those in the back you once call friend. He's been chosen by the people. Shame on you. Brother?

  8. I hope Trump does not give in to the American traitor Romni. He turned on us not you (Trump). You are our voice. If you hire him, you are not being fair to us who put you in office

  9. Don't use the traitor Romney for anything, not even consider him to clean Trump's base room!!! He betrays Trump, GOP and Trump supporter like me. On May 13rd, I wrote a note to Romney in website (, tried to shut his bad mouth. Romney led the major anti-Trump effort. Now Trump won, Romney tries to craw back, he is a real disgusting fraud and phony.

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