Obama did not win any state that required a photo ID

by Ed Berry

Romney received about 2 million fewer votes than McCain did in 2008. This suggests voter fraud. Ballotpedia lists these “green” states that require a photo ID:



The problem with this map is:

  • Enforcement of Pennsylvania’s voter ID law was postponed until 2013 by a state judge.
  • Wisconsin’s new strict photo ID law was held unconstitutional on March 12, 2012. It’s also on hold.
  • In Michigan, each voter must show a photo ID but your photo ID does not need to have your address on it. Voters without photo ID may sign an affidavit attesting that he or she is not in possession of photo identification.

Obama lost all other “green” states on this map: ID, AZ, SD, KS, OK, LA, MS, TN, GA, and IN. FL is the only only exception and the FL election was extremely close.

Therefore, Obama did not win in any state that required a photo ID.

Here is a picture of the US election by Talking Points Memo. Go to their site for an interactive map where you can mouse point a state and see detailed data.



Also, from Talking Points Memo is this US Senate map. NV is the only state that did not require a photo ID where the Republicans won a US Senate race.



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