Montana’s US Senate Race will change America

by Dr. Ed Berry

Will Republicans control the US Senate in 2013?

Readers of PolyMontana and my emails are from all states in America, many countries in Europe, Canada, Australia, Korea and China. Why would people from all these countries have an interest in what happens in Montana? Maybe this is why:

The US Senate needs to gain 4 Republican seats to control the US Senate. The Montana race for the US Senate is widely considered to be the key to gaining this control. America and therefore the world will be a different place beginning in 2013 depending upon the outcome of this election.

If Denny Rehberg (R) wins and we thereby get 51 Republicans in the US Senate, Harry Reid will no longer control the US Senate. During his regime, the Senate has not been able to control US spending and America has fallen more into debt with each passing year.

What are the chances that Rehberg will win?

Conservatives have enough votes in Montana to easily elect Denny Rehberg. The problem is conservatives are spintered into diverse groups. In a recent poll, 6 percent said they will vote for Libertarian challenger Dan Cox (L) even while Rehberg and Tester are virtually tied.

The third-party voters are less than 2.5 percent of all Montana voters, yet they are willing to cast their vote in direct opposition to their own constitutional principles for their own personal reasons. Sometimes such throw away votes make no difference. But in 2012, they may be enough to trash the United States of America.

I am reminded of an old Red Skelton radio show where he played the “mean little kid.” When he did not get his way, he would bang his head against the wall until his mother could no longer stand it. In my view, those who vote for third-party candidates in 2012 are as childish and foolish as Skelton’s “mean little kid.”

The good news is we are making some progress toward sanity. 

In my recent email, I showed you the letter from Ken Miller, the second place candidate in the Montana Republican primary. He is encouraging his former supporters to vote for Denny Rehberg and he gave 3 very good reasons for doing so. I hope they do so because they constitute most of the present Libertarian voters.

Separately, I communicated with most Montana tea party leaders. The majority of these leaders were Ken Miller supporters and Ron Paul supporters. About half of them have emailed me saying they understand the importance of this election to the future of Montana and America, and therefore they are supporting the Republican candidates, including Rehberg. This is really good news.

Gary Marbut, President of Montana Shooting Sports Association, supports Denny Rehberg.

I think others will soon wake up to reality but we may not hear much about it because their egos are involved. Understandably, it is difficult for anyone to say they were wrong and now support the Republicans. Fortunately, most of these people think independently and will make up their minds independently.

Wayne Allen Root, America’s leading Libertarian, says the 2012 election is too important to waste our votes on Libertarian candidates. He strongly supports Mitt Romney and other Republican candidates because of the significant threat from Obama and the Democrats. We hope Montana independents will follow Root’s lead.

There is still some bad news. I have already written about it on PolyMontana and I will tell you more about it soon.

The bad news centers around self-proclaimed freedom fighters who are traitors to the freedom fight. They are leading their unwary followers over the cliff. They criticize Romney as being no better than Obama. They claim there is no significant difference between Republicans and Democrats. They preach about America’s problems without offering any solutions or even hope.

To be clear, I am talking about Flathead Valley’s Pastor Chuck Baldwin and Oath Keeper founder Stewart Rhodes. These leaders by themselves do not matter. But their followers may be the critical conservative votes that go astray and keep the Democrats in power. Because their divisive political positions are dangerous to Montana and America, I will give you more details soon.

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