I challenge you who are against the Water Compact to prove my conclusions are wrong!

by Dr. Ed Berry

EXB150A month or so ago, I tended to side with those who challenge the CSKT Water Compact. But a good scientist always looks for evidence that his theory is wrong.

Therefore, I took a few days and compared the written claims of Senator Verdell Jackson, Dr. Kate Vandemoer, and Attorney Richard Simms against the legal rebuttals by Attorney Helen Thigpen, Staff Attorney for the Montana Water Policy Committee, Attorney Melissa Hornbein, Special Assistant Attorney General, and Attorney Hertha Lund who represents the Montana Water Stewards, a private, non-partisan organization comprised of farmers and ranchers on the Flathead Indian Reservation, and their supporters.

As a “member of the jury” my conclusion is clear. The claims against the Compact do not stand up against their rebuttals. I put my reasons in the following 3 articles.

Yet after the Pachyderm meeting in Kalispell today, one well-known lady told me publicly in no uncertain terms that I “am wrong!”

OK, let this lady and anyone else who thinks I am wrong, please show me why in the comment sections of the 3 articles below.

Thanks and Merry Christmas,


1 thought on “I challenge you who are against the Water Compact to prove my conclusions are wrong!”

  1. Here's a grass roots group supporting the compact. I'd like your analysis of it since you're "all" so good at blowing the compact opponents claims to hell.

    FARM, Farmers and Ranches for Montana, actually http://montanawatercompact.com/
    Then you can also supplement your analysis by listening to the interview of one of FARM's "campaign chairs" here: "Talk Back December 16, 2014 FARM Rep. Scott Reichner on CSKT Water Compact." Inquiring minds need to know.


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