Left-wing indoctrination needn’t be part of college

by Craig Rucker, Executive Director, CFACT

It’s no secret that the Left has institutionalized itself on the college campus.

Sixties campus radicals demanded the right to speak out and our free society gave it to them.

No sooner were they through the academic door, however, when they slammed it shut behind them and created today’s politically correct college life which instructs students that there is only one way to think.

What could be more heartbreaking then sending your child or grandchild off to college while dreading the indoctrination in store?

A study by UCLA found that among incoming freshmen, only 29% self-identified as political liberals. The same study found that self-identified liberals rise to 40% by graduation.

When it comes to issues of energy, environment and the global warming scare, they lay it on double thick.

For instance, the PowerShift movement enlists students in its efforts to ban offshore drilling, ban the use of traditional energy sources such as coal, natural gas and oil, subsidize energy “boondoggles” with stimulus funds, and reduce CO2 emissions by 95% below 1990 levels by 2050. To put that into perspective, they want to return America to a standard of living not seen since 1882.

Years ago CFACT saw this challenge and met it head on by creating CFACT Collegians which has become one of the most dynamic, rapidly expanding and most fun groups on campus.

Will you help us?

American young people aren’t stupid. Give them full information and a chance to think for themselves and they can spot the dangers of radical environmentalism and left-wing ideology.

While the Left is recruiting unquestioning followers to its cause, with Collegians, CFACT creates leaders.

CFACT is reaching young people who refuse to be part of campus “herd-think.” The students we reach through Collegians are much more likely to be leaders and shapers of opinion – not just at college but all through their lives.

CFACT will be hosting its annual Eco-Summit from Thursday July 26-Sunday July 29th. This conference will take place at Lake Woods in beautiful Cable, Wisconsin. The summit is for Collegians who have already taken on a leadership role on campus and those who want to learn more and become more active.

Can we count on your immediate support?

This year’s Eco-Summit will focus on resource extraction – namely oil drilling, mineral/coal mining and related issues such as drilling in ANWR, deep sea drilling operations, fracking, the Keystone XL pipeline, rare earth mining and gold mining.

CFACT will host expert speakers such as Climate Depot’s Marc Morano and Lord Christopher Monckton.

A recent study by the University of Michigan’s Institute for Social Research focused on members of “Generation X” and found that Gen X’ers are following the rest of the country and no longer blindly accepting global warming arguments. The study found only 23% of Gen X’ers alarmed or committed about climate with 10% opposed and the rest indifferent.

Similarly, four years ago President Obama received 66% of the youth vote, the largest margin any Presidential candidate ever received, yet only 56% of young respondents to a recent Gallop Poll said they would definitely vote, compared to upwards of 80% for other groups.

The efforts of groups like CFACT Collegians provide students the information and activities they need to break away from the left-wing herd. Tough job prospects in a bad economy — made worse by the Obama administration’s over regulation and hostility to domestic energy production — have even more students embracing constructive policies or at least moving to the sidelines. Can we afford to let the radicals rope them back in?

Never give up on America’s youth. They are our future and (with a little help from you, me and CFACT Collegians) they will be up to the task.


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