3 thoughts on “America’s 5th Generation Fighter Aircraft”

  1. frederick J. Hammel

    This was one fabulous plane, but I still think the SR71- Blackbird was the best. It can fly higher and faster then any ever built. Now remember the SR71 was built with Slide rule technology . When the Blackbird was developed in 1952 , Kelly Johnson the designer of the plane, there were no computers, they had machines they called computers, the average laptop today is 10,000 times smarter then those old machine.

  2. Fred, you are right on. But I heard Mach 5 in the video. That's fast.

    I gained a lot of good math experience by having to use a slide rule all the way through CalTech. Slide rules force the user to estimate an order of magnitude for the answer in order to get the correct answer. The ability to quickly estimate the order of magnitude of any calculation is more valuable than punching numbers into a calculator.

    The "SR" in SR-71 stands for "Slide Rule." Maybe good old Kelly put the SR in the name to remind future generations how the Blackbird was really designed.

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