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  1. no point in "worrying" one needs to discern each of these on a case by case basis. Most examples here represent events or potential realities one can do absolutely NOTHING about.

    Vaccinations and the neurological damage are iatrogenic nightmares which we can and should insist be thoroughly and transparently investigated and take action if findings are ambiguous or worse. Now I can tell u virtually NO ONE was autistic when vaccines were very limited and the introduction of agents such as aluminum and mercury directly into bloodstream was unheard of. Mercury poisoning has a well documented history of neurotoxicity so why is it even a question. I don't know if ET is going to fly in tomorrow and destroy humanity as we know it but I do think we are more than capable of analysis and correction of things which "seemed like a good idea at the time". This column is not worthy of you Dr. Berry. Try and think a little more clearly in your analogies.

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