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  1. The data have been biased from early 2020,
    to make the disease COVID look worse than it really is,
    and in 2021, to make the vaccines appear better
    than they really are.

    Here are the examples i can recall:

    New medical definition of a “case”
    that requires only a positive PCR test,
    but no symptoms.

    PCR tests with CTs of 35x to 40x,
    creating many false positives
    (“cases” with no symptoms
    are usually people
    who are NOT sick)

    New definition of cause of death
    where a person in a nursing home
    near death, let’s say for heart disease,
    would be declared as a “COVID death”,
    based only on a positive PCR test,
    or only on ANY visible symptoms of
    any respiratory infection.

    CDC reduced the recommended
    PCR test CT to 28x for vaccinated only,
    to reduce the count
    of “breakthrough” infections.
    The CT count recommendation
    was not reduced for non-vaccinated
    to keep the “case” count high.

    CDC decided not to track breakthrough
    infections that did not result
    in hospitalizations or death
    (most don’t require hospitalization).

    CDC allowed Moderna and Pfizer
    to claim that no test subjects died from
    COVID during the trials …
    when in reality a small, similar number of
    vaccine recipients and placebo recipients
    did die … but the manufacturers
    were allow to claim the deaths
    had nothing to do with the shots =
    a conflict of interest,
    whether true or false.

    CDC discouraging autopsies
    of post vaccine deaths.
    I know of only one done in the US,
    and it found spike proteins
    generated by the vaccine
    killed the elderly patient.

    Moderna and Pfizer defined “vaccinated” as
    starting two weeks after the second vaccine.

    With three weeks between vaccines,
    that would add up to five week period,
    where anyone infected with COVID
    would be declared
    to have been “unvaccinated”.

    So it’s possible 34 days
    after getting the first shot,
    and 13 days after
    getting the second shot,
    you could die from COVID,
    and be declared to have been
    an “unvaccinated” person.
    That does not seem honest to me.

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