1. Dr. Berry you amaze me even more now than a few years ago when I first started following you. You are so dead right it scares me. You bring simple points to the discussion that I’m sure most Republicans (Or their staff) running for office haven’t thought about.
    Something I noticed is that a lot of candidates are using social media like Parler to campaign. Isn’t that like preaching to the choir. Parler consists of 99% die hard Republicans who wouldn’t vote for a democrat anyway. I think it’s a waste of time and money. Thanks for the post and “GREAT JOB”
    Bob Herzog

    1. Dear Bob,
      Thank you for your compliments.

      Yes, it is like preaching to the choir. Elections do not measure enthusiasm for a candidate. Elections measure only votes. And, legally, we each have one vote.

      Therefore, demographics data are critical to election forecasting. I conclude from the demographics that Republicans cannot rely only on their enthusiasm. Republicans must change the minds of those who are brainwashed to believe they must vote Democrat to save the Planet.

      1. I have attempted to present clear evidence of the dangers (breakdown of the Bill of Rights and rule of law, electoral college, etc) of a Democratic win in both the executive and legislative branches of government in November to leftist members of my family and friends. Nothing seems to work. How can we convince them to re-examine their positions and conditioning when logic fails? Will they even listen to Republicans if they fight back and speak out? Or, are they just too glued to CNN and NPR to notice?

  2. Ed,
    I agree with most of your political analysis. But, please, remove most of the Covid-19 stuff. It makes you sound loony, especially since you are not a medical doctor. Leave that to the medical experts.
    Now, if you think the control-by-Covid-scare politicians are a problem, I can see some logic in that. So attack that. Don’t preach medicine stuff.
    Thank you for your enthusiasm
    Jay MacDonald
    Mariposa, Ca

    1. One does not have to have an M.D. to know about Covid. Many “medical experts” are misleading the public about Sars-Cov-2/Covid-19. One does not have to be an M.D. in order to expose those lies.

    2. Dear John,
      That would be like saying no one but a qualified climate physicist can rightfully read my publications and then tell others that climate change is a fraud.

      If you read what I write about Covid-19, you will see that I am basing my opinion on reports from those in the medical profession. Also, I am using my expertise in science in general to qualify the conflicting information.

      First, everyone is qualified to negate a theory. All one needs to do is to show a theory makes only one false prediction. The theories used to promote the Covid panic do not predict the results of the tests in Sweden. Therefore, these theories are wrong. No expertise needed to prove this. Just look at the chart of deaths in Sweden. (I will add it today on my Covide-19 post.)

      Second, here are some of the problems I see for the Covid-19 alarmist theory:
      1. They make children wear masks. Data prove kids don’t need to wear masks.
      2. They use bad models. I recognize this because I am an expert in models
      3. Many valid randomized test on real populations proves masks do not change how fast the virus spreads. The alarmists ignore these data. That shows the covid alarmists are promoting false science just like climate alarmists do.
      4. Companies that are anti-Trump are blocking valid presentations by qualified doctors only because these companies want to block all data that disagree with the company’s political position. That proves the covid panic is a fraud.
      5. Everyone who promotes covid alarmism is following the same pattern as those who promote climate alarmism. They are probably the same people. Their objective is clearly to maximize the damage they can do to America. They proceed as if their actions do n damage. That is unrealistic and shows they have political reasons to promote covid alarmism.

      Finally, there is a lot of overlap of covid-19 arguments and my expertise in physics. How virus droplets travel and change their size is part of my PhD thesis. My expertise ends where the virus affects people. My expertise is valid in the physics of droplets and in how to construct a valid experimental randomized test of a theory. I managed similar experiments in cloud seeding when I was a program manager for the National Science Foundation.

      1. “No amount of experimentation can ever prove me right; a single experiment can prove me wrong.” Albert Einstein

  3. Letter i just sent to Dr. Arnn, President of Hillsdale College. Dr. Arnn, I am reading a book publish in 1997, called “Americas 30 Year War, who is Winning” by Balint Vazsonyi. In the book, he talks about Justice vs.Social Justice, Individually rights vs. group rights. Marx, Lenin, Mao. How they eliminated history, corrupted education and corrupted the legal system, talk the states to cede authority to the federal government. This should be read by every high school child and college student. Mark Of The Beast, Numbers, when I in the army, every soldier had a number, every on in prison has a number, Social Security number. Now they are telling everyone to get rid of landline telephone and get a cell phone, now almost every American has a cell phone number. Thet are pushing 5G, and i just heard of 6G. Where are they going?
    Dr. Ed you were for the Indian compact, Can’t you see what they did using the supreme court, they gave half of Oklahoma to the indians.

    1. Dear Fred,

      Oklahoma shows why we must approve the CSKT Compact. Oklahoma did not have a negotiated settlement with its tribes. Therefore it got wacked with tribal lawsuits.

      The CSKT Compact will prevent future water lawsuits by the tribes. If we do not approve the Compact, then Montana will have to pay to defend thousands of water lawsuits and we will likely loose them all. That is what happened to Oklahoma.

      But more important is Daines will have a much harder time beating Bullock if he does not get the Compact approved fast. And if Daines goes down, he will likely take down Matt Rosendale. Then Republicans will have no one in Congress to represent them.

      Is that what you want?

  4. I agree with what you wrote regarding this upcoming election that takes place on Nov 3, 2020, which also happens to be my birthday. I can’t believe how events have transpired in such a way to adversely affect Donald Trump’s chance of being re-elected for another four year term. This COVID-19 that came out of China is having a huge influence on the world’s economies and for sure on the US economy. Trump had done an amazing job of rescuing the nation from the down and out country that Barack Hussein Obama and Joe Biden left him with that in 8 years they could not have at least one year with a better than 3% GDP to becoming a nation with historically low unemployment numbers and a growing GDP. President Trump managed to get most of that done by getting rid of the growth squelching regulations that Obama had put into place.
    Mr. Hope and Change (Barack Hussein Obama) created a nation humbled; humiliated, casting-aside capitalism and individual freedoms for one where “we the people” were government controlled. After Obama took office, the EPA issued 2,827 new final regulations, equaling 24,915 pages in the Federal Register, totaling approximately 24,915,000 words. The new EPA regulations issued by the Obama Administration contain 19 times as many pages as the Bible and 38 times as many words that created a system that genuflects mediocrity, steals personal aspiration and opportunity, and punishes those who strive to succeed & who are bonified American citizens in favor of those who are illegal intruders into the nation.

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