Farmers and Ranchers for Montana support CSKT Water Compact

by Farmers and Ranchers for Montana

ParallaxHeader5(Helena, Mont.)—Tom Beck, the former State Senate President and a Republican rancher from the Deer Lodge area, has joined Farmers And Ranchers for Montana (FARM) as a co-chair to support the CSKT Water Compact and help educate Montanans about the benefits of the Compact.

By joining FARM, Beck is now one of six co-chairs from across the state and a part of a diverse coalition that includes farmers, ranchers, irrigators, landowners, and taxpayers who support the CSKT Water Compact. Beck brings a unique perspective to FARM, with both a ranching and policy background.

“I’ve been involved in agriculture all my life, and I know that more that anything else, our farmers and ranchers depend on water right certainty and making sure their water rights are protected today, and in the future,”

said Beck.

“Passing the CSKT Water Compact is critically important to ensuring the water rights of the tribes are well defined and the rights of water users across the state are protected—not thrown into a whirl of uncertainty and litigation.”

The support of Beck for the Compact comes as prominent agriculture groups across the state, including the Montana Farm Bureau Federation, Montana Stockgrowers, and Montana Water Resources Association, join Farmers And Ranchers for Montana in support of the bipartisan agreement that will protect the water rights of Montanans and prevent millions of dollars in litigation.

In fact, on the heels of the support of these groups for the Compact, the membership of FARM has nearly tripled in just the last month—reaching well over 500 farmers, ranchers, irrigators, and water users.

“The response we have seen in support of the Compact is overwhelming and shows just how much support there is for this bipartisan agreement that will benefit all Montanans,”

said Shelby DeMars, spokesperson for FARM.

“This membership growth shows that as agriculture and water use groups begin to educate their membership and as people find out what the Compact does, people support passing the Compact and acknowledge that it will benefit all Montanans.”

Farmers And Ranchers for Montana (FARM), is a coalition of hundreds of farmers and ranchers, united with local leaders, tribal governments, businesses, water-users, and other Montanans who support the approval of a Water Compact.

3 thoughts on “Farmers and Ranchers for Montana support CSKT Water Compact”

  1. I was watching the hearing today on the water compact . They mention if passed , the water would be held in trust by the federal government. I would not trust the federal government to hold anything. Every thing they do ,is a disaster.

  2. @1 Hi Fred, You have to consider the flip side of every issue.

    If we do not pass the Compact, the federal government will not go away. The feds will still hold the reservation lands and Indian water rights in trust. Then the feds will pay all the legal fees for the Indians to sue for water rights in the western half of Montana. We tax payers will pay higher taxes and irrigators will have to pay for their own defense. If challenged irrigators run out of money to pay lawyers, guess what, they lose and the Indians win. Bye, bye irrigation water rights.

    Bottom line: the Compact is a no-brainer but those with no brains don't get it.

  3. Sidney Armstrong

    I am very much in favor of the compact. Thank you for promoting, but I just received a call urging me to attend the hearing and the caller MISPRONOUNCED "HELENA." I hope you can get that corrected – somebody could make something of "outsiders" trying to influence Montanans. It is also very sloppy of whatever company you have retained to make these calls. Thank you. Best of luck.

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