Water Compact Denier

 They won’t let me modify the negotiated Compact. It’s unconstitutional.

I can’t vote for an unconstitutional bill even if it would be good for Montana.

I know, all the professional compact attorneys say it’s constitutional but I don’t trust attorneys. I can interpret the Hellgate treaty and all its case law better than any attorney.

I don’t care if the Compact is the best thing for Montana. I have my principles to uphold even if this means screw Montanans.

I know Montana needs drought protection and the Compact provides this, but I just can’t agree with everything in the Compact even if I don’t understand it.

I think the Compact gives the Indians too much money. They don’t deserve it. I don’t care that Montana’s $55 million will help Montana’s economy. This sounds like a government conspiracy to me.

And the $2 billion the feds will add to the Tribes project? That just shows there’s a conspiracy going on. I don’t care if this is good deal for Montanans.

I know they’ve worked 30 years to make this Compact. I say “Screw it” because I’m ethical.

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