CSKT Compact opponents reveal their True Colors

by Dr. Ed Berry

Opponents of the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes (CSKT) Water Compact will meet Saturday, September 26, 2015, in Kalispell’s Red Lion Inn.

Their Conference reveals their true colors.

They have openly aligned themselves with the Citizens Equal Rights Alliance (CERA), the foremost anti-Indian hate group in America.

Native Generational Change (Facebook) will have a protest rally from 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm outside the Red Lion Inn.

In joining CERA, Water Compact opponents prove their opposition to the Compact is based on hate and racism rather than facts and logic.

Politically, Water Compact opponents are the 20-percent Very Conservative Evangelicals (VCE) face in the Montana Republican Party. They call other 80-percent, “RINOs.” But the VCEs are the real RINOs.

They reject rational solutions to political problems. They reject the fact there are nonpartisan issues where Republicans and Democrats should agree.

They think true Republicans must always vote the opposite of Democrats. They think, if Democrats vote for paved highways then, by golly, all Republicans must vote for gravel highways.

They dominate Montana’s Tea Party. Now they want to take over the whole Montana Republican Party. They want all Republicans to join their extreme political religion. They, the 20-percent, want to wag the Republican dog.

Compact opponent Elaine Willman is a Conference speaker. I previously diagnosed her as a true nutcase. Willman has been associated with CERA for a long time. Montana Tea Party groups support her.

Another Conference speaker is Larry Kogan, their New York attorney. I already reported Kogan had nothing of value to say at their last meeting in Kalispell.

Kogan filed a lawsuit to stop the CSKT from taking ownership of the Salish-Kootenai Dam. It failed. Now, he wants to reverse the court’s decision.

Kogan claims because the CSKT have expertise in “uranium mill tailing cleanups,” the CSKT are a security risk and therefore should not own the S-K dam.

Charles Tanner, Jr., Institute for Research & Education on Human Rights (IREHR), wrote about Willman:

Concerned Citizens of NW Montana have actively promoted Willman’s efforts and she has written articles published online by the Western Ag Reporter, Newstalk KGVO radio and the Liberty Brothers radio show.

Willman’s reasons for moving to Ronan, Montana, included the conspiratorial view that the “CSKT Compact is a template for federalizing all state waters and implementing communalism and socialism consistent with Agenda 21 and that it is intentionally aligned to spread tribalism as a governing system.”

In Willman’s view, tribes are involved in an international conspiracy to destroy the United States. Such bigotry can only foster hostility toward indigenous peoples and people who support environmental protection.

CERA is dedicated to terminating tribal governments and breaking treaties signed between the United States and Indian nations. Rather than equality, CERA seeks to do away with tribes as nations.

The conference is meant to cater to elected officials and community leaders, but its presenters don’t have the credibility or morality to guide our state leaders.

Willman has declared this “the Revolutionary War for Citizens of Montana” and outrageously alleged that Indians are conspiring to “tear down the fabric of this country.”

Now we know why CSKT Compact opponents could never present a valid argument. They opposed the Compact before they evaluated it.

They began with their hate for the Indians and their belief that the Compact is an Agenda 21 government conspiracy. Then they simply made up arguments, one after another, to see if any would stick.

No wonder all their arguments failed.

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