Compact Opponents Exposed

by Dr. Ed Berry

But the reality is today’s conservatives are not being led by those with intelligence; they are being led by those who repeat the never-ending mantra of the Tea Party’s fear-mongering – which is increasingly accepted as being the hallmark of a true conservative. – Tom Muri, Daily Inter Lake, April 5, 2015

Compact Opponents are over-represented in the Montana Legislature.

It’s no secret that most opponents of the CSKT Water Compact are conspiracy-believing, doomsday-fearing, Very Conservative Evangelical voters who represent less than twenty percent of Republican voters and less than ten percent of Montana’s voters.

Based on these percentages, which are easily derived and explained below, we would expect to have twelve NO votes on the Compact in the Montana House and two NO votes on the House Judiciary Committee. If our Legislature fairly represented the people of Montana, the Compact would easily pass.

By contrast, I estimate that half or more of the House Republican legislators will vote NO on the Compact on the first round. This is twice the NO votes we would expect if the House fairly represented Montana’s voting demographics.

The House Judiciary Committee is even more biased toward NO votes. I estimate all nine Democrats and one Republican will vote YES on the Compact, and eight of the twelve Republicans will vote NO. The remaining three Republicans will decide the Compact’s fate in the Committee.

“The Four Faces of the Republican Party”

Henry Olsen of the Ethics and Public Policy Center wrote an insightful article by this title in February 2014. His review of the national Republican Party helps us understand the Montana Republican Party.

According to Olsen, Republicans fall into “four rough camps,” with approximate composition shown in parentheses:

  1. Somewhat Conservative (40%)
  2. Moderate to Liberal (30%)
  3. Very Conservative but Secular (10%)
  4. Very Conservative Evangelical (20%)

Please read “The Four Faces of the Republican Party” for more information about these camps and about how the Very Conservative Evangelicals dominate the Tea Party.

The political origin of Compact opponents.

Opponents of the CSKT Water Compact come mainly from Montana’s Very Conservative Evangelicals and those who like doomsday conspiracy theories. They are only 20 percent of Montana’s Republican Party.

Very Conservative Evangelicals supported Ken Miller in his futile 2012 primary bid for governor because his “moral compass” image fit their addiction to overtly religious Christian candidates. The primary votes for Miller, plus the few extremist Tea Party votes for Fanning, show the 20 percent of Republican votes expected of Montana’s Very Conservative Evangelical Republicans.

Very Conservative Evangelicals supported Matt Rosendale in his doomed 2014 primary bid for US Congress because his “drone shooter” image fit their obsession with anti-government conspiracy theories. Rosendale picked up more than the Evangelical vote in 2014 but not enough to get close to Zinke because Rosendale’s “drone shooter” image became a brick wall to gathering more votes.

The Very Conservative Evangelicals who oppose the Compact have a penchant for promoting and sometimes achieving the exact opposite political result of their claimed political goals. Little did Rosendale realize his “drone shooter” image turned off the dominant “faces” of the Republican Party giving him no chance to win his primary election.

Appropriate to their Very Conservative Evangelical image, Miller and Rosendale are against the Compact. Their supporters are a large percentage of those who oppose the Compact.

Although Conservative Evangelicals are more politically active than the other “faces” of the Republican Party, they sabotage their political influence when they do not support Republican nominees.

When neither Ken Miller nor Matt Rosendale would support Ryan Zinke after he won the 2014 primary election, they further alienated themselves and their Very Conservative Evangelical supporters from the other Republican groups.

Non Evangelicals “are not good enough” for them. 

This fundamental political mantra identifies the Very Conservative Evangelicals and Libertarian voters:

The Voting Mantra: “A vote for the lesser of two evils is still a vote for evil.

This mantra is logically, morally, and ethically wrong, and those who follow this faulty mantra achieve the opposite of their stated goals.

The Unholy Trinity who promote this false mantra are:

  • Chuck Baldwin, Liberty Fellowship Pastor and Oath Keepers National Chaplain
  • Stewart Rhodes, Founder of Oath Keepers
  • Art Thompson, CEO of the John Birch Society

Stewart Rhodes is the charismatic leader of Oath Keepers and a former Mormon turned Evangelical. Rhodes and Baldwin moved to Montana in 2010. I have written elsewhere that any Montana politician who associates with Oath Keepers will commit political suicide.

Many Compact opponents refused to support Republican primary winners Rick Hill and Denny Rehberg because Hill and Rehberg were “not good enough” for them. They got the exact opposite of what they wanted when their Libertarian votes helped elect Steve Bullock and Jon Tester.

In October 2014, Chuck Baldwin told his followers to vote for Democrat John Lewis in the November 2014 election for US Congress because Republican candidate Ryan Zinke was “not good enough” for Chuck Baldwin but Democrat John Lewis was. Go figure. Maybe Baldwin is a closet liberal.

The CSKT Water Compact “is not good enough” for them. 

Evangelical Compact opponents want perfection, Biblical perfection that does not exist in our physical world. They focus on negatives rather on positives.

Conspiracy is an axiom in their right-wing cult religion. A threat of a conspiracy justifies all their attempts to stop the Compact.

They sincerely believe the Compact is a federal government conspiracy to steal Montana’s water and move people out of Montana and into a crowded apartment complex in southern California, or maybe into a FEMA prison.

They’ve never proved there’s a connection between the Compact and their delusional conspiracy theory and they never will because no connection exists. Proof does not matter to them. It’s their feelings that matter.

Compact opponents do not understand the Compact does not have to be perfect to be approved. It only has to be better than no Compact. In this comparison the Compact wins hands down.

No opponent has ever shown Montana would be better off without the Compact, while proponents have proved Montana will be much better off with the Compact.

Compact opponents use invalid reasons to reject the Compact.

Very Conservative Evangelicals oppose the Compact because they can’t “modify” it. They don’t accept that modification outside of negotiations is never allowed. Legislators who use this excuse are egotistical, they can’t manage, they can’t delegate, and they want to micro-manage everyone under their control.

Very Conservative Evangelicals  claim they “stick to principles” but they do not understand that “principles” must be based on the results of their actions rather than on their feelings.

Very Conservative Evangelicals  oppose the Compact because it is “unconstitutional.” They do not understand that only the courts, not newspaper opinion letters, can settle this Constitutional-legal issue and the courts cannot address this issue until we approve the Compact.

Therefore, their argument is a straw man argument and not a reason to reject the compact. Actually, it’s a reason to approve the Compact to give them the opportunity to file an unconstitutionality lawsuit to prove they are correct.

They don’t realize if they reject the Compact the courts will not interpret the Hellgate Treaty the way Senator Jackson and Compact opponents think they will. But Compact opponents want all Montanans to assume the risk that their unqualified interpretation of the Hellgate Treaty is correct. This is not very “Christian” of the opponents.

Very Conservative Evangelicals oppose the Compact because they “don’t trust the federal government.” Then they should support the Compact because only the Compact sets bounds on the federal government’s claim to Montana’s water. If Montana rejects the Compact, there will be no end to the federal government’s claim on Montana’s water.

As usual, the Very Conservative Evangelicals have drawn a conclusion that will accomplish the exact opposite of their goal. Are they always this irrational?

Compact opponents are scared of “permanent.”

They oppose the Compact because it’s “permanent.” Who wants it otherwise?

They are unable to make a business decision. They don’t realize that almost every court ruling and settlement is “permanent.” Most of our important life decisions are “permanent.”

Evangelical Compact opponents would have been against the US Constitution in 1787 because the US Constitution was “permanent.”

They don’t understand that rejection of the Compact is also “permanent.”

Opponents believe they can reject the Compact and come back in a few years and then approve a revised Compact. They are delusional.

They will never get another chance to gain the advantages of the Compact. Never.

The Compact is Montana’s last chance to get drought protection. This offer expires on May 1, 2015.

Wacko conspiracy stuff is the basis of Compact opposition.

For your late-night entertainment, check these Very Conservative Evangelical websites that oppose the Compact. Just don’t take them seriously or you will suffer brain damage.

Dr. Catherine Vandemoer is a hydrologist from Arizona who is a key writer for Western Montana Water Rights. Her website focuses on conspiracy theories including population control, chemtrails, HAARP, Project Popeye, geoengineering, and unravaling America.

Here’s Northwest Liberty News video of Dr. Kate Vandemoer’s 26-minute presentation against Montana’s proposed Water Compact.

Here’s Agenda 21 News “Population Control by Water Control” about Dr. Kate’s view that the Compact is a government conspiracy to control Montana’s population.

Here is my professional assessment of Kate Vandemoer:

For reference, my PhD is in Atmospheric Physics. I am a professional in America’s weather modification research. My physics MA thesis at Dartmouth College related to HAARP. My PhD thesis at the University of Nevada is still considered a breakthrough in the physics of rain formation by stochastic collection. I was scientist-manager of the Desert Research Institute’s Airborne Research Facility. I have intimate knowledge of contrails. I was a consultant to the Naval Weapons Center in China Lake, California. I was the only civilian participant in Project Popeye. I was Program Manager for the National Science Foundation’s weather modification research. I am a Certified Consulting Meteorologist. I have consulted for many legal cases related to weather and have never been on the losing side of a trial.

The fundamental requirement to get a PhD in physics is to learn how to separate fact from friction. Once learned, this ability can be applied to other fields.

In my opinion, everything Dr. Kate writes about chemtrails, HAARP, Project Popeye, and geoengineering is not only false but delusional.

Dr. Kate is so wrapped up in her conspiracy theories, she cannot distinguish between reality from illusion, or fact from fiction.

I cannot find one correct claim in Dr. Kate’s 26-minute video on the Compact.

Yet Arizona’s Dr. Kate is the de facto leader of Montana’s Compact opposition. If you vote NO on the Compact, you are trusting Dr. Kate to be correct.

Cowgirl was not so kind in its assessment of Dr. Kate here and here:

The most important thing to know about “Dr. Kate” Vandemoer is that she has some pretty extreme, marginal views–and some writings that reflect the soundness of her judgement and the rational of the effort to stop a tribe from getting water.

She co-hosts a radio show with white supremacist Red Beckman, who wrote that the Holocaust was God’s punishment for Jews because they worship the devil. Besides the usual racist birther garbage, Vandemoer’s blog features the ravings Eustice Mullins, who “claimed that Jews kidnap Christian children, ritually puncture their veins, and drink their blood as a restorative for their own degenerate bodies,” The Atlantic reported.

Vandemoer herself has written that, “the Rothschilds (translated ‘Red Shield), Rockefellers, and many other monied JKhazar Jews, who together form a cabal acting like a synagogue of Satan that is in full gear enforcing its agenda on America, including Agenda 21.”

Elaine Willman, author of “Going to Pieces,” is another Compact opponent leader. Here’s her video presentation, “Western Water Grab – Another Means to Control the Population?

Willman wrote an article that says the CSKT Water Compact is a “legislative Beast” and if Montana approves it, will cause:

  1. The US Constitution to be irrelevant
  2. The Montana Constitution to be irrelevant
  3. NEPA and MEPA to be irrelevant
  4. Oaths of Office to be meaningless
  5. The Pledge of Allegiance to be meaningless
  6. Montana’s 1973 Constitution to become toilet paper
  7. The 1981 Supreme Court case of Montana v. U.S. to be overturned
  8. 350,000 Montanans in 11 Counties to be subject to tribal government
  9. The State of Montana to be governed by the Tribes
  10. The State’s life support to be turned off.

She has a good imagination. She continues,

… a victorious CSKT Compact opens the door for the federal government, tribal governments and globalists to fundamentally transform Montana into something unlike the proud State the existed in the 1970’s.

Montana legislators passing this Compact may just as well turn off the lights in the Helena Capitol because the CSKT Compact is a fatal, self-inflicted injury to State sovereignty and all of Montana’s waters.

Legislators voting for the Proposed CSKT Compact are assuring their future as useful idiots to federal, tribal and international influence.

Read my rebuttal to Willman here.

Liberty Brothers

The purpose of this expose is to show that Compact opponents are basically nut cases. Were the Compact not so very important to Montana, I would let these folks alone to go play in their sand box. But their Compact opposition threatens Montana.

Liberty Brothers (LB) and its associated Northwest Liberty News (NWLN) are true Evangelical Tea Party websites. Their articles and videos warn you about chemtrails, geoengineering, morgellians, Agenda 21, population control, Project Popeye, HAARP, Smart dust, and particles of mass destruction.

LB talks about HAARP, chemtrails and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth.

NWLN makes its Very Conservative Evangelicals political position clear with its connection to Legistats.

LB’s “Particles of Mass Destruction” is about the photo they show of normal jet contrails that they claim (drum roll please) are chemtrails. Their intro goes:

Is Geo-Engineering transforming Earth and killing its inhabitants?

One troubling fact that we can all probably agree on is that we are being bombarded with chemicals from almost every direction. Whether it be our food, our water, our vitamins, our personal hygiene products, etc.; chemicals and their derivatives have, sadly, become a part of our daily lives.

Since few of us reading this article possess a laboratory with proper equipment, determining the type and amount of chemical poison in the above mentioned items would be nearly impossible. However, one can easily just “look up” in many areas of America and quickly discern that something is being sprayed in our skies. The idea that some sort of spraying is going on is not in dispute. The question is whether the spraying is harmless, or are we all breathing particles of mass destruction?

The utter nonsense of chemtrails

Any atmospheric physicist would ask you the following questions:

Since these droplets or particles that are supposedly being dumped on us from 33,000 feet are known to have fall speeds of about one cm per second, how long will it take these particles to fall to the ground, assuming they do not evaporate before they get here?

We do a simple calculation: 33,000 feet is about 10 km, which is 10,000 meters or 1 million cm. So it will take about 1 million seconds for these particles to reach the ground. There are 24 x 60 x 60 = 86,400 seconds in a day. So it will take these particles over 11 days to reach the ground.

Next question:

How far will the typical wind aloft of about 40 miles per hour take these particles in 11 days?

We again do a simple calculation. 40 mph x 24 hours/day x 11 days = 10,560 miles.

Hmmm. Seems like flying at 33,000 feet is a poor way to target a population or even a countryside. The stuff dispensed over America could be over Europe before it lands. Yet chemtrail believers have told me they can feel the effect of the chemtrails within minutes of seeing them.

I am not even warmed up on my rebuttal against chemtrails and this is enough to prove our chemtrail believers are just plain wacko. They don’t check facts. They believe anything they WANT to believe just like they believe the Water Compact is bad.

Final question:

Do you really believe people who believe nut case conspiracy theories are competent to reject the CSKT Water Compact? If so, vote NO to paint a big red target on your back so every sensible voter will know to remove you from office in the next election before you do more damage to Montana.

Flathead County Commissioner Phil Mitchell lets Vandemoer and Jackson draft his letter.

The Daily Inter Lake of March 25, 2015, reported,

Mitchell said Kate Vandemoer, president and executive officer of Watershed Resources, Inc., a consultant to the compact opposition, and former state Sen. Verdell Jackson helped him draft the letter.

Commissioner Mitchell admitted he let Dr. Kate and Senator Verdell Jackson draft his letter in opposition to the Compact. He sent his letter to Governor Bullock and Attorney General Tim Fox.

If Mitchell understood his reasons for opposing the Compact, he would be able to write his own letter. By allowing opposition leaders to draft his letter, he became pawn of the Compact opposition.

This is like EPA letting the Sierra Club draft its orders. This is almost like John Walsh, the original 2014 Democratic candidate for US Senate, plagerizing material for his master’s thesis at the Army War College. Walsh’s penalty was removal of his candidacy for office.

Mitchell’s admission invalidates his Commissioner’s 2 to 1 vote against the Compact and invalidates the Flathead County Commissioners letter in opposition to the Compact.

Montana Senator Janna Taylor has crazy reasons to oppose the Compact.

Montana Senators Janna Taylor and Bruce Tutvedt spoke at the April 3, 2015, Pachyderm meeting in Kalispell. In rebuttal to one of Tutvedt’s answers to a question, Taylor suggested the proper measure of a Republican is to always vote opposite of the Democrats.

Taylor is wrong. There are some issues, like the Water Compact, that must be decided on the basis of truth, not party affiliation. You could train a monkey to always vote opposite to the Democrats. This would not make the monkey a “good” Republican.

Here’s what I wrote about Senator Taylor on March 3, 2015:

Janna Taylor opposes the Compact because its rules prevent “her” from micromanaging Compact details … after the Compact has been approved by all parties to the negotiation. Senator Debbie Barrett shares Taylor’s egocentric reason to oppose the Compact.

Taylor and Barrett do not respect the 1979 legislature that gave the Compact commission the authority and duty to “conclude” the Compact negotiation. Taylor and Barrett do not understand the Compact is a carefully balanced negotiated agreement and if any side makes a change it is an unethical rejection of the proposed agreement.

Taylor opposes the Compact because it is a “permanent” agreement. She does not understand that “rejection” of the Compact is also “permanent!” Logic requires she also oppose the “rejection” of the Compact because rejection is “permanent.”

Senator Taylor would not have voted for the Declaration of Independence or the US Constitution because they were “permanent.” Taylor needs an education in logic and common sense. Meanwhile, she is a loose cannon who endangers Montana.


Compact opponents are activists but represent only 20 percent of Montana’s Republicans and only 10 percent of Montana’s voters. They are far over-represented in Montana’s legislature.

Compact opponents derive their opposition from their core belief that the Compact is a government conspiracy to control of Montana’s water and to move Montanans to a crowded state or to a FEMA camp, so the fat-cat one-worlders can enjoy Montana in its pristine beauty without our interference.

Compact opponents did not derive their opposition from facts. They derived their opposition from their conspiracy theories. Now, they cherry pick their claims against the Compact and throw them at the wall to see if they will stick. Nothing sticks.

Legislators must consider their votes on the Compact from only one view:

Will Montana and its people be better served with or without the Compact?

Proponents have shown the many benefits of the Compact. Proponents have rebutted every opponent claim against the Compact.

No opponent has challenged a proponent’s rebuttal. In a court of law, the opponents would lose.

Whether they like it or not, Legislators who vote NO vote on the Compact will associate themselves with the Very Conservative Evangelicals who are anathema to 80 percent of Republican voters and 100 percent of Democrat voters.

If you wish to lose your next election, be sure to vote NO on the Compact. In 2016, Democrats will cross-over to join Republicans to eliminate you from the Legislature.

Like babies need their mothers, Compact opponents need Democrats and rational Republicans to save them from their own political suicide.

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