1. It looks to me like CCP was calling the shots on this effort. If the Front Line Doctors are right about the potential harm to young males from the “vaccine” we will be very vulnerable as well as not trusted. I am convinced that Lindell has the proof that the CCP hacked the election and elected Biden with little help from his base voters. I am very worried about China’s plans and our response as they unfold.

  2. What is stated in this open letter is true, those who were in change of this botched operation regarding the withdrawal of American forces from Afghanistan should not only be forced to resign but should also be court-martialed for dereliction of the duties that they were held responsible for. Until people like these who are serving way over their abilities to lead and make intelligent decisions are held responsible for their actions, how can we expect that any that follow them will not make the same mistakes that these goons who wear the stars made and that was to not make sure that what was right for the Americans still in Afghanistan was what was done by American military forces.

    I well realize that the incompetent fool, Joe Biden, had the final say in this matter. Who would have ever considered using the 25th Amendment to remove him when the ones in line to replace him are the harlot from San Francisco and the other near insane socialist from the same area, Nancy Pelosi?

    We must recall how Barack Hussein Obama purged the upper ranks of the military when he was pretending to be president and how that laid the groundwork for the military ‘leaders’ that the military now has. We can only expect for members of the military, such as U.S. Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel Stuart Scheller, to be persecuted by the Biden administration for speaking out with truth about this issue, while Biden will not hold those who supposedly told him to keep a contingency of US forces in Afghanistan will never be held to any high standard that is expected from these senior grade generals.

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