Monte Carlo Demolition Derby

This is not a normal PolyMontana topic but we couldn’t resist it. – Ed

How do you do a demolition derby in downtown Monte Carlo and still come out looking good?

Honey, you’ll never guess what happened while I was out shopping today!

She goes for a little drive in his shiny blue $370, 000 Bentley convertible, scrapes a $111,000 Mercedes S class, ploughs into a $207,000 black Ferrari F430, and finishes by crashing head-on into a $118,000 Porsche 911 and a $207,000 Aston Martin.

She may have scored a world record by damaging 5 vehicles with a total worth of $1.02 million in a single accident. Anybody want to hire her as your professional driver?


by Ed Berry

Read the rest of the story and see more photos in the Herald Sun.

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