A New Christmas Message


Listen to the audio version of “The Messagehere.

Presenting “The Message“, written in the classic style of “The Night before Christmas.” This original poem breathes new life into the timeless spirit of Christmas and the Message of Jesus.

JSBEarly reviews are already pouring in from around the world praising Berry’s writing:

“Jay I loved it…God has truly blessed you with the gift of the written word…what a treasure you are to so, so many.” – Gilda Arruda, Author

Finally! I’ve seen so many pictures with the mysterious JSB signature and finally I know the name behind the three letters that have posted so much fine poetry. On behalf of mankind. Thank you. – Erlend Eidhamar, Norway

“You are the master of the sublime thought or saying Jay. Well done. I hope your book opens a mind or two.” – Tod Waller, USA

“Such a beautiful Christmas story! Soooo great, thanks.” Faye Fuhr, Canada

“This is the most poignant and perfect story I have read. As a descendant of Father Christmas, Père Noël, Sinterklaas, Santa Claus and many other aliases, this is one of the best new tellings of the Christmas story.” – Ron “Santa” Graywolf Levine

“Totally and utterly awesome Jay, thank you so much for this. ♥ This is far beyond great.” – Lia Kluijtmans, Holland

“Wow, thank you Jay… What a beautiful message, you are truly gifted with your writings. I can’t wait to read this to my 6 year old daughter when she gets up this morning!! Congratulations on a beautiful piece of work.” – Hamish McLean, Australia


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