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by Dr. Ed Berry

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I still am putting this site together. Nevertheless, since you have found this site, you may join the community now by just signing up on my email list. Just click on the tab on the upper right side.

Tell us about yourself, your athletic and rowing experience, your interest in rowing for fitness, and what you hope to learn from this site.

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  1. Hi Ed,

    I just joined.

    I appreciate your training methods. I ran for years and found high intensity workouts were very beneficial for me. I was certainly not a naturally good runner, but managed to do pretty good because of my training. I was very small in high school and was the slowest runner in my gym class in spite of being extremely fit. I was a top gymnast and trampoline competitor. When I started running I was slow, but after many years became a fairly good runner compared to others in my age group. I was not the best, but I was one of the best of the rest!

    At age 50 I could run an 18 flat 5k. Of course my best friend could do 17 flat. My wife is a longtime rower on the water and have several concept machines.

    Just lately my oldest son, age 49 has started the ERG and I am now just starting this past week. Just for giggles, I jumped on and tested myself at 100 and 500 meters. I was able to do a little over 19 the very first time in a wild man all over the place effort. I rowed 149.9 for 500 meters the first time I tried. I am quite a bit younger than you at 76 1/2 so I can appreciate your records.

    My son is about 5’9” and has incredible strength. His strength started the day he was born and showed up his entire life. At age 8 he could do giant swings on a H bar with just a little tap and spotting. He became a pole vaulter and was approaching being able to go 16 feet early in his senior year of H school when he hot a severe knee injury. He was also a distance runner before high school and he ran a 17:58 3-Miller when he was 11 years old.
    We both look forward to learning from you

    PS I did not see anywhere to submit a password while signing up

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