Why We Support Nuclear Power and Why You Should Too

by Dr. Edwin X Berry and MG Paul E. Vallely

Several of my subscribers have asked why I support nuclear power. I support nuclear power because, as a physicist, I am aware of its significant advantages and minimal disadvantages.

America needs abundant, low-cost, reliable energy. America’s enemies – The Sierra Club, their likes, our politicians, and our duped university ecologists – have ganged up on America to propagate myths that turn us against the very resources we need to survive.

These groups began by stopping nuclear power 40 years ago and by stopping coal and oil production 30 years ago. America’s economy is presently crashing largely because they, our enemy, have been successful in de-energizing America. They want our energizer bunny to stop beating.

Thermodynamics is powerful physics. It tells us that the more compact our energy source, the higher the energy quality. We can make better use of compact energy than disperse energy. Wind, solar and bio-fuels are disperse energy sources. Coal and oil are concentrated sources and we need them to power our economy.

My principal message has been that carbon dioxide emissions will not change our climate and should not be regulated. Therefore, coal and oil energy are not climate change problems. My second message is the we should use nuclear energy.

Nuclear energy is 3 million times more concentrated than coal and oil energy. Cost wise, nuclear competes favorably with coal. Nuclear does not need 100 railroad cars of coal per day. In the last 30 years, the average life-time costs of nuclear and coal electricity are about the same.

Here are some facts about nuclear power that most people do not know. For more details, see the website of “Don Lutz”:

  1. Nuclear power offers an infinite supply of energy.
  2. Energy produced from nuclear power plants is the most economical of all sources.
  3. Nuclear power has no pollutants.
  4. Nuclear power fission product wastes are minuscule and can be safely stored.
  5. Nuclear power is safe as demonstrated by the records of 104 commercial plants each operated over 30 years.

The myth of limited uranium supply originated from the light water reactors, also called thermal neutron reactors. They were able to use only about 1% of the energy in the uranium. The remaining 99% then would need to be put in Yucca Mountain for 10,000 years.

But since 1951, we have had fast neutron reactors that can use the remaining 99% of the uranium. The government and media have hidden the fact (just like they hide the facts about climate change) that we have fast neutron reactors that use 100% of the uranium fuel. There is no need for a Yucca Mountain.

Using fast neutron technology, we have enough uranium lying around from our thermal neutron reactors (light water reactors) and our enrichment programs to power all the electrical needs of America for 700 years.

We now have two problems:

First,educating the public to the truth (just like we have to do with climate change).

Second, getting moving on nuclear before all our trained experts go to nuclear heaven. If we keep delaying we will leave America with no nuclear experts. This would be like firing all the Navy Top Gun pilots and expecting a new generation to learn such flying all by themselves. It won’t happen. Without getting our nuclear programs going soon, we will lose America’s opportunity. This, of course, is our enemy’s desire.

The heavy hitter supporters of John Shanahan’s letter know all about this nuclear technology. They worked on our fast neutron reactors for 50 years. They pioneered the work over 30 years ago that our government has worked to destroy since. Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton stopped all fast neutron reactor development. John Holdren was their key adviser.

Building nuclear power in America will create good jobs and useful jobs. It will build our economy and support a new generation of business that will provide more jobs.

It is amazing to think that if Obama were to make nuclear power a true priority, it would be the best thing he and any president before him has done for America. With one executive order he could out-scoop the Republicans and go from being public enemy number one to becoming a national hero. He truly has the whole world in his hands.

But to date, Obama has failed to use this opportunity.


You may download the PDF copy of this article by clicking (here).

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