2 AGW Alarmists removed from Nuclear Power Open Letter

by Ed Berry

John Shanahan, Corresponding Author of the Open Letter Supporting Nuclear Power in America, [PDF], has removed the following two global warming alarmists from the signatories:

Dr. Barry W. Brook, Sir Hubert Wilkins Professor of Climate Change, Director of Climate Science, The University of Adelaide. Member, Science Council for Global Initiatives.

Dr. James E. Hansen, Physics, Astronomy. Director: NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies. Adjunct Professor: Earth and Environmental Sciences, Columbia University. Research Interests: Radiative transfer in planetary atmospheres and interpretation of remote sounding of atmospheres. Development of global climate models. Analysis of climate change, current climate trends, and projections of man’s impact on climate. Member, Science Council for Global Initiatives. Member, National Academy of Sciences

The issue is whether support for nuclear power should be based upon its true value or upon its lack of carbon dioxide emissions. Apparently Brook and Hansen support nuclear power solely on the basis of its lack of carbon dioxide emissions.

Shanahan says nuclear power can compete on its own merits in providing safe, reliable, low-cost electrical energy, and if our government would put all energy sources on the same level economic playing field, nuclear power would be more favorable than so-called green energy sources.

If support for nuclear power is based only upon carbon dioxide emission criteria then this does not solve the problem of removing the present political road blocks to nuclear power. Environmentalists would still argue for special favors to wind energy and not allow nuclear power to compete.

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