Your opportunity is now

Here is a preview of my coming products in 2022.

I will produce a video series where I will explain my just-published paper in detail. The series will include three levels: beginning, intermediate, and advanced.

The beginning level will be for those without qualifications in math and science. I will target the “Greta” and “Bill Gates” proficiency level.

The beginning series will help everyone understand why there is no scientific reason to restrict carbon dioxide emissions. I will explain why Bill Gates’ desire to control the Earth’s temperature by engineering means is not only irrational but borders on the insane.

The intermediate level will be for science teachers or advanced students. Here, I will explain the physics I use to derive the conclusions in my paper. I will include rebuttals to all the challenges to my paper.

The advanced level will include the math and numerical calculations in my paper for those who want to understand the whole banana.

Here is a surprise product.

In 2017, I was given the opportunity to review and report on some climate reports paid for by the Obama administration.

I was shocked, to put it mildly, at the total lack of science in these reports. You will be shocked too. Even more shocking is that the authors duplicated their reports for city after city, area after area, in America.

Now I can sell copies of my report. This will mop the floor of many of the most avid university-based climate-alarmist professors.

I have a dream.

We have an opportunity to bring climate truth to the people. We can open people’s eyes to the climate truth, and this will open their eyes to truth in other areas, like energy, economy, and national defense. We can change their lives.

Like a rolling snowball, the truth will gain momentum. Schools and universities will stop brainwashing their students to support communism and begin teaching students how to think.

We can bring back America and then we can change the world. There are people and good scientists all over the world who are hoping and waiting for this to happen.


  1. Ed, I tried to donate, but after I hit submit I got a spinning object that just kept spinning. I let the phone sit with the spinning for at least 30 min. Then I backed up to send this comment.
    Hope you can fix it. Maybe system just overloaded. Can you extend the time/cut off date to donate?

    1. Hi Ed,
      Thank you. Your donation was received. The continued spinning is another problem somewhere in the software package.
      The important thing, though, is you should have received an email confirming your donation.
      I just added a note to advise future donors to refresh the browser tab after 30 seconds of the spinning


  2. Hi Ed,
    The spinning wheel is I think due to browsers pop-up and add blockers, when I turned that off in my Brave browser all went smooth.
    btw i donated 500, but the comment I added does not appear here?

  3. Dr. Ed,

    I got no affirmation from the payment webpage, but I did get the email. You should post a warning that there will not be a confirmation at the payment site, but to look for the email instead so folks don’t get frustrated.


    1. Dear Shawn,
      Thank you very much for your contribution to my crusade to bring climate truth to the people.
      To answer your question, all payments go through a few steps before showing on the donation page.

      First, I never see any of your credit card data because all credit card payments go directly to Stripe, the processor of most credit card payments.
      Second, Stripe sends a message to the Administration page that gives me your name, email, and the amount of your payment.
      Third, my administration page has to wait for me to wake up in my Montana morning, so I can go to this administration page and click a few buttons to accept all payments that arrived since I last visited my administration page.
      Only then does the donation page update the total contributions.

      Thanks for your question and thanks for joining my quest.

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