Open Letter to Gov. Bullock on the Clean Power Plan

by Dr. Ed Berry, PhD, Physics

The Associated Press reports “Democratic governors are being squeezed by the mandate in President Obama’s climate change plan to cut carbon dioxide emissions.”

Governor Bullock is in a hot seat.

On the one hand, he is supposed to support the Democrat Party’s irrational, partisan claim that human carbon dioxide emissions cause dangerous global warming or climate change that no one has measured.

On the other hand, Governor Bullock is supposed to protect Montana’s economy and electrical power production which he cannot do without opposing Obama’s Clean Power Plan to undermine coal use in nine Montana coal-fired electrical power plants.

Governor Bullock said Friday that Montana could meet EPA regulations by increased energy efficiency, more renewable energy development, and sequestering carbon in the ground.

Governor Bullock needs a better science adviser. Sequestering is the dumbest of ideas. Supporting Attorney General Tim Fox’s lawsuit against the EPA is the best idea.

Montana’s MEIC wants Governor Bullock and Senator Daines to support Obama’s Clean Power Plan. MEIC claims in its release today:

Coal-fired power plants are the country’s single largest source of the pollution fueling climate change, and the Clean Power Plan is the single biggest step we have ever taken to tackle climate change.

Montanans are already experiencing the effects of climate change through lower snowpack, less water in our rivers and streams, and longer and more intense fire seasons.

The world’s leading scientists agree that failing to act on climate change will ensure worsening extreme weather events, threaten food supplies and increase public health risks.

MEIC needs a reality check. I will try to be polite when I say this MEIC claim is the biggest bunch of unadulterated, irrational bullshit of the 21st century. I am sure that no one in MEIC has expertise in atmospheric physics. They propound policy advice they are not qualified to give.

Carbon dioxide is clean. Carbon dioxide does not drive climate. Scientific evidence shows human carbon dioxide emissions will never cause dangerous climate change.

Listen to two world-class physicists who are Democrats:

Freeman Dyson, retired professor of physics at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, and Ivar Giaever, 1973 Nobel Prize in Physics, both tell us our carbon dioxide emissions are irrelevant to climate change.

On May 4, 2011, attorneys for “Our Children’s Trust” of Oregon filed a “Petition for Original Jurisdiction” in the Montana Supreme Court. The Petition’s goal was to overstep the authority of the Montana legislature and have the Montana Supreme Court order Montana to significantly reduce Montana’s carbon dioxide emissions.

The excuse for Original Jurisdiction was there was not enough time to run their lawsuit through the normal court process because, they claimed, Montana and the planet would be toast before they could save the world.

I led the Intervenors opposition. Steve Bullock, then Attorney General, filed his response that supported my opposition. Attorney General Bullock was rational.

Now that 4 years has elapsed, what have we learned?

We learned there was no imminent climate threat as the Petition claimed. The climate has not warmed since 2011. Montana has cooled since 2011. None of the predicted imminent climate disasters have occurred.

In short, the climate alarmists were wrong and the climate realists, like me, were right. The same is true for Obama’s Clean Power Plan.


Climate change is science. Climate science is a bipartisan issue, not a partisan issue. We are ethically obligated to decide bipartisan issues by truth, not partisanship.

The CSKT Water Compact was also a bipartisan issue. Truth, fortunately, prevailed. Had partisanship prevailed, Montana would have lost the necessary and valuable Water Compact.

Unfortunately, many Democrats are as irrational in their support of Obama’s climate change plan as the tea party Republicans were irrational about their opposition to the CSKT Water Compact. When irrational politics wins, we all lose.

I strongly encourage Governor Bullock to oppose Obama’s Clean Power Plan just like I and other rational Republicans supported the CSKT Water Compact.

Go with what is measurable, like the detrimental effect of Obama’s Clean Power Plan on Montana’s economy.

Do not go with what is not measurable, like the illusion that human carbon dioxide causes dangerous climate change.

If we will be rational, we will all win.

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