How Republicans let Democrats win

Ed Berry, PhD, Theoretical Physics, CCM

Climate change drives politics.

According to polls, about 20% of Republicans voted Democrat in 2020 because they believed we must reduce CO2 to save the planet. These Republicans voted for a Democrat socialist, one-world government “to save the planet” rather than for a Republican “to save their freedom.”

In August 2022, Republican candidates say they are falling in the polls. They think their problem is money, but their real problem is lack of a winning message.

Here’s a message Republicans should send.

Real climate scientists say CO2 does not change the climate and more CO2 is better.

That is a reason to vote Republican and it sinks the Democrat message of fear.

Republicans agree with Democrats on climate.

In May 2022,the Montana Free Press asked Montana’s Congressional candidates questions on climate change. All Democrats supported climate fiction.

Sixteen Republicans (85%) of the 19 Republican candidates supported climate fiction.

Two Republicans (10%), Zinke and Rosendale, agreed with the Democrat’s climate fiction but said energy issues are more important than climate issues.

Only one Republican (5%), Dr. Olszewski, supported climate truth, and he almost won his primary election.

We cannot blame Zinke and Rosendale for their moderate statements on climate because Democrats will crucify Republican candidates who support climate truth, and the Republican Party will not defend them.

The only climate difference between the two parties is on energy, not climate. Democrats want to reduce atmospheric CO2. Republicans agree but want to use carbon fuels to save America.

Both parties support capture carbon that wastes money, engineering talent, and food production.

Republican leaders betrayed President Trump on climate.

Dr. Berry wrote the first chapter of Climate Miracle about how to win a climate debate with the goal of helping President Trump win his climate debate.

Before the 2020 election, Berry pleaded to the MTGOP director and Montana Senator Steve Daines to give Donald Trump, Jr. a copy of Climate Miracle on his visit to Montana. If President Trump would read the first chapter before he debated climate against Biden, he would win.

Senator Daines and the MTGOP director ignored Berry’s offer. President Trump lost his climate debate, and it may have cost him his reelection.

Charlie Kirk’s Turning Point USA still does not support climate truth, even though Charlie personally told Dr. Berry that he wanted to in 2021.

Paul Watson, founder of Greenpeace, said,

“It doesn’t matter what is true, it only matters what people believe is true.”  

The National Republican Party wants money but does not have a winning business plan. Republicans may lose again in 2022 because they have no message on climate truth.

Unless Republicans wake up, the Communist Democrats will control Montana, America, the free nations, and your freedom.

Three invalid theories are the basis of all climate politics.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), ground zero of climate politics, claims these three (false) theories are true:

  1. Human CO2 causes all the increase in atmospheric CO2 above 280 ppm.
  2. The CO2 increase above 280 ppm causes global warming.
  3. This global warming causes dangerous climate change.

Real climate physicists have proved these three theories are false. No one has shown these proofs are wrong. The Democrats and some Republicans ignore these proofs.

In science, proof that a theory is false supersedes all claims that the theory is true. Therefore, these proofs checkmate IPCC’s three theories.

There is a method to true science.

Dr. Ed Berry’s 2020 book Climate Miracle explains how true science works and helps non-scientists decide who is right and who is wrong about climate science.

The most important principle in science is this. It is impossible to prove a theory is true but only one contradiction proves a theory is false.

The IPCC cannot prove its three theories are true because that is impossible.

The only way for the IPCC to win in court is to successfully defend its three theories against all scientific papers that prove its theories are false.

How Republicans can win or lose a climate lawsuit.

If Democrats file a climate lawsuit, they must assume IPCC’s three theories are true. If the plaintiffs can’t defend their theories, they lose. If the defense does not challenge their theories, the plaintiffs win.

The best way to beat the IPCC in court is to prove its three theories are false. If the defense convinces the court that only one of the three theories is false, the defense wins.

Munshi, Salby, Harde, Berry, and others prove IPCC’s theory (1) is false. Others have proved IPCC’s theories (2) and (3) are false.

Munshi proved the annual correlation between human CO2 emissions and atmospheric CO2 increases is zero. This proves there is no cause-effect relationship between human CO2 emissions and the CO2 increase. Consequently, theory (1) is false.

Berry uses IPCC’s own data to prove human CO2 has caused 25% of the CO2 increase and nature 75% as of 2020, proving theory (1) is false. The world’s best climate scientists support Berry’s paper, and NO scientist has found an error in Berry (2021).


Dr. Ed Berry’s Climate Miracle can help Republicans win elections and lawsuits.

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