We build our lives on our assumptions

Ed Berry

Be thankful we can find the truth if we seek it, especially in climate change.

Jane is an honest lady who tries her best to improve the world.

She voted for a Democratic candidate in 2020 mainly because she is concerned that we are not doing enough to stop climate change. Although she is busy with her work to save the planet, Jane has allowed us to interview her on this subject.

We ask Jane,

“Why do you believe we are not doing enough to stop climate change?”

Jane answers,

“The Associated Press, professional organizations, universities, articles in good magazines, fact-checkers at Meta and Google, all agree that our CO2 emissions are causing climate change.”

“Rising global temperatures, sea levels, forest fires, drought, floods, hurricanes, prove our CO2 emissions cause these things.”

“How can you not believe this is happening? The evidence is all around us.”

We ask,

“Have you read Ed Berry’s book, Climate Miracle?”

Jane answers,

“Well, no. I don’t have time to read anything that contradicts science.”

We ask,

“Do you have time to answer a few more questions?”

Jane says,

“Yes, but please hurry, I must get to my climate solutions meeting.”

We ask,

“Do you realize that events do not prove their cause? More than one thing can cause an effect. So, nature may have caused the effects that you listed.”

Jane answers,

“Climate never changed as much as it has in the last 100 years. The CO2 level was never higher than 280 ppm before 1750 and now it is above 400 ppm. The sea levels are rising, and forests are burning.”

We reply,

“It was warmer than now several times in the past 10,000 years. The sea level has been rising at the same slow rate for the last 400 years. Forest fires and droughts have been much worse than now in the last 100 years.”

Jane comments,

“We must be causing all the changes now because we are putting so much CO2 in the air. This is unnatural and we must stop it.”

We ask,

“Do you realize your belief in climate change means you assume these two things are true: (a) human CO2 emissions dominate the increase in atmospheric CO2, and (b) increases in atmospheric CO2 cause global warming.”

Jane answers,

“Well, I had not thought of it that way, but I agree your statement is true.”

We follow with,

“Then, if either one of these two assumptions is false, your belief in climate change is false. Do you agree?”

Jane says,

“Yes, but these assumptions are obviously true.”

We ask,

“Do you believe good science must follow the data?”

Jane says,

“Yes, of course.”

We ask,

“Do you agree the UN IPCC is the best source of carbon cycle data?”

Jane answers,

“I agree.”

We comment,

“Well, Ed Berry’s new peer-reviewed publication uses IPCC’s data to prove IPCC’s assumption (a) – that human CO2 emissions dominate the increase in CO2 – conflicts with IPCC’s natural carbon cycle data and that nature dominates the CO2 increase.”

“And three other scientific groups have checked assumption (b) and found it overstates the warming caused by increased CO2.”

“Human CO2 emissions are insignificant to climate. Nature controls the climate.”

Jane replies,

“Thank you for your information.”

We reply,

“Thank you for your time. You can read more about this at https://edberry.com/


We build our lives on our assumptions. Since truth is a better foundation than fiction, we should always check our assumptions.

How many people believe in climate change without ever checking the assumptions behind that belief?

One Comment

  1. How, why and when, CO₂ was turned into a devil in the sky is the question? It had to have been after 1970’s when we were being told that the planet was on its way to a new Little Ice Age.

    Today It’s Global Warming; In the ’70s It was the Coming Ice Age https://www.washingtonpolicy.org/publications/detail/today-its-global-warming-in-the-70s-it-was-the-coming-ice-age?fbclid=IwAR025-h8efPOEBoOyU4NMGIK0u4QWWABpSguwm0Mx6xWfb06vGvyZFuWpoI

    One thing is certain about this manufactured devil in the sky, CO₂, is that no one has ever presented repeatable experiments that present empirically evidence that CO₂ has the ability to change the Earth’s climate, much less cause its temperature to change. There has been much research done that proves that the temperatures during the Medieval Warm Period were in fact warmer that what we have today. This one is very interesting because it uses the observable tree lines from the same area where Mann claimed to gain the evidence for his hockey stick graph.

    “However, conifers have not yet recolonized many areas where trees were present during the Medieval Warm period (ca AD 800–1300) or the Holocene Thermal Maximum (HTM; ca 10 000–3000 years ago). Reconstruction of tree distributions during the HTM suggests that the future position of the treeline due to global warming may approximate its former Holocene maximum position”
    “Climate change and the northern Russian tree line zone https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2606780/

    If anyone is able to present empirical evidence that the present level of CO₂ is able to cause the Earth’s climate to change, or it temperature to raise, then they should produce that evidence now.

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