1 thought on “Nobel Laureate Smashes Global Warming Hoax”

  1. Giaever is right. Math and physics determine scientific outcomes. The atmosphere of the earth has a mass of approximately 5.2 x 10^18 so 1 ppm is about 5.2 billon tonnes. The known hydrocarbon reserves on Earth comprise about 1,700 billion barrels. Each barrel if burned will produce CO2 emissions of approximately 118 kg. If all known oil reserves were burned the total CO2 emissions would comprise about 200 billion tonnes or about 40 ppm of the atmosphere. Earth has 10 billion acres of forest each of which sequesters about 15 tonnes of CO2 each year, or 150 billion tonnes annually. There are other sources and consumers of CO2 of course, but oil cannot be solely responsible for changes in atmospheric CO2 and if anything are a minor player. Climate change fear mongering creates folklore, not science.

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