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Preprint #3 can help Republicans win 2020 elections

Preprint #3 can help Republicans win the 2020 elections

Preprint #3 is the culmination of my last four years of climate physics research. It proves the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) claim – that human CO2 is the primary cause of climate change – is wrong.

Preprint #3 is the scientific paper. I am now writing a public version. Meanwhile, you can learn a whole lot by reading Preprint #3 and skipping the parts you do not understand.

IPCC has no scientific basis to claim human CO2 is the primary cause of climate change. IPCC’s climate change claims are a fraud. Henceforth, no true scientist can claim natural carbon emissions stayed constant after 1750 and human carbon emissions caused all the increase in atmospheric CO2 above 280 ppm.

How can Preprint #3 help Republicans win 2020 elections?

The Democrat effort to control America is almost complete. To control America, they only need to control the minds of the voters. And there is no better way to control voters’ minds than to convince them their CO2 emissions threaten the planet. Those convinced will vote Democrat. It is as simple as fattening pigs for their slaughter.

Almost every day, the New York Times publishes another article that bashes President Trump for “denying” climate science. Major news networks bash President Trump for being “against science.”

They run stories about how the Trump administration has blocked government “scientists” from publishing reports about how our CO2 is causing dangerous climate change. Truth be told, these so-called government climate “scientists” are not scientists at all. They are environmental activists who do not understand physics. They are the problem, not the solution.

Today, the New York Times equated human-caused climate change with air pollution, sustainable environment, environmental hazards, racial injustice, the COVID-19 virus, and the murder of George Floyd. These media claims stop the public from realizing the Democrat climate claims are a fraud.

Polls show almost 70 percent of American voters believe human CO2 emissions are a danger to the planet. Among the young new voters, this belief is almost 90 percent.

CNN, NBC News, and The Washington Post say Democrats are now favorites to control the US Senate. They have conditioned American voters to vote for their own slaughter.

If Democrats win in 2020, they will perpetuate the climate myth and flood America with third-world immigrants to assure Democrats control America forever.

Meanwhile, Republicans have mounted no defense or offense to counter this historic Democrat threat.

To win in 2020, Republicans must publicly challenge the Democrat climate myth. Otherwise, the public will logically conclude the Democrats are correct and vote for them.

Republicans must defend President Trump’s correct position on climate. No presidential science advisor has told President Trump he is correct on climate.

Republicans can stop cold the Democrat climate fraud.

Real climate science is here, not just from me but from many very good climate scientists around the world. We can prove the Democrat climate claims are a fraud:

  1. We can prove their core climate theory – that human CO2 has caused all the increase in atmospheric CO2 above 280 ppm – is wrong.
  2. We can prove their second climate theory – that CO2 controls global temperature – is wrong.

The best way to stop the Democrats’ climate myth is with a simple, checkmate argument the public can understand, as in Preprint #3.

Time is of the essence.

There are only 4 months to the November elections. Republicans must move quickly to win the climate debate. Every day that Republicans delay will put the Republican candidates further behind.

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  1. I think William Happer advised Trump about climate and my impression is that his political advisers told him to not press it now and wait for relection. Even more important to push for reelection and then have an all out blitz to kill the fraud.

    1. Dear Larry,

      Will Happer reviewed my Preprint#3 beginning in February 2020, after he retired as science advisor. Prior to reading my Preprint#3, Will supported the view that human CO2 was fully responsible for the increase in atmospheric CO2 above 280 ppm. So, he did not tell the President that increased CO2 was not our fault.

      Will is a key member of the CO2 Coalition that strongly supports the IPCC core hypothesis. The Coalition elected Patrick Moore as Chairman. Please read the quote from Moore’s article on the CO2 Coalition website. See my Preprint#3 Section 1.3 and References.

      Moore strongly disagrees with my Preprint#3. He does not understand my Preprint because he is an ecologist who does not understand physics.

      My point is that my Preprint is a breakthrough that is supported by the real scientists who have read it but it. It is not (yet) supported by the “mainstream” skeptic organizations such as the CO2 Coalition and Heartland. One of these days, they will understand that my work is correct. The problem is political arguments have momentum. An argument once in motion, stays in motion.

      Trump’s political advisors may have told him to avoid talk of climate. However, look what they had to consider. The only arguments through 2019 on the table were the pathetic skeptic arguments that warming is good and warming bad stuff is not happening. If those were my only arguments and I were President, I would not talk about climate either. Imagine a lawyer trying to win a courtroom case with those pathetic arguments. The case would never end and the lawyer would lose.

      By contrast, the case I present in Preprint#3 is simple, powerful, and a checkmate. That is what Trump and other Republicans need to present, in unison, to the public. It is a simple argument that quickly proves the IPCC alarmists Democrat claim is invalid because it even contradicts itself.

  2. Keep up the great work Ed!

    We HAVE to get this UN generated fraud out through the MSM & into the heads of the “believers”

  3. Dear Ed I wholeheartedly thank you for all the work you are putting in to expose the CO2 drivel that the IPCC et al have been propagating. I have for years been endeavouring to persuade colleagues that CO2 is our friend, not our enemy, but I am a UK citizen so can’t help you with the US election!

    I am no scientist but there are so many areas where serious doubt is cast on the CO2 theory or where the scientific method is not followed (ranging from Occams razor to the actual analysis of the atmosphere from radiosonde balloon data to millions of years of geological data to Spencer and Christie’s satellite data to the actual molecular chemistry of the upper and lower troposphere…. the list goes on and on).

    It is abundantly clear that their case is NOT proven but what I find truly disturbing is that the great country of America would have to elect Trump to uphold the cause of the integrity human understanding. What a crazy dichotomy! Prehaps the best way to get the message out is through social media? I wish I knew…

  4. First, let me start by thanking you for all of your hard work and dedication to keeping the core values that this country was built on, to stay alive. I have seen the collapse of this democracy continue to progress and the past decade has really opened my eyes. I have to admit I am not very fluent in global warming, but I do know anything that AOC wants in on, is solely for the destruction of this country. We know she is being run by socialists and this Green Deal is another step towards destroying the America we love. It will cause mass job loss and bankrupt the country even more, thus causing more people to become dependent on the government, and destroy the middle class.

    I am writing because I am hoping you could give me some other resources that you would recommend so I can become more informed on this hoax. Also, I wanted to attach a website that goes against your exact points about CO2 emissions. Can you explain how they are able to publish this with no real recourse? Any information would help me in my cause of spreading the truth to the American people.

    I have seen first hand the brainwashing of the last 2 generations through public school, social media, and tv. They are to the point where they are coming out into the open and don’t even need to hide anymore. I am hoping to gain some knowledge to this global warming hoax in a way that the average teenager and adult can understand it.

    Again, thanks for your help and please continue debunking this myth because my unborn grandkids depend on it.



    1. Dear Dan,
      The post by RealClimate assumes (2) human carbon causes ALL the increase above 280 ppm. Both my Preprint #3 and my book Climate Miracle explain why this assumption is false. Since that assumption is false, everything that follows is invalid.
      Therefore, RealClimate’s claim that oceans are not a source of CO2 is invalid because that claim is derived from that invalid assumption.
      Likewise, RealClimate’s Figs 4 and 5 just show invalid conclusions of invalid assumptions.

      If you have not read Climate Miracle yet, I think you will enjoy it because it explains how sites like RealClimate make invalid claims because they use incorrect physics.

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