Countdown to my AMS presentation on January 8

by Ed Berry, Ph.D., Physics

The American Meteorological Society (AMS) will hold its annual meeting from January 6 to 10, 2019, at the Phoenix Convention Center, 100 N 3rd Street, Phoenix, AZ.

Science progresses by proving theories are false. 

This year, one paper in the AMS meeting proves human CO2 does not cause climate change:

  • Poster 494: Contradictions to IPCC’s Climate Change Theory – by Dr. Ed Berry, on Tuesday, January 8, from 4 to 6 pm, in Hall 4 – proves the IPCC climate change theory is false.
The IPCC and all the climate alarmists have missed Square One and Square Two of climate change. 

Square One is where the IPCC must prove human CO2 causes the rise of atmospheric CO2. Square Two is where the IPCC must prove the rise of atmospheric CO2 causes global warming. They can’t prove these two necessities. So, off they go to Square Three.

They make so much noise in Square Three that everyone forgets the alarmists have not proven Square One and Square Two. 

They lose the game when we go through Square One and Square Two.

The IPCC assumes human CO2 has caused all the rise in atmospheric CO2 above 280 ppm. Simple physics shows nature has caused the rise from 280 to 392 ppm and human emissions add only 18 ppm to bring today’s total atmospheric CO2 level to 410 ppm.

This 18-ppm increase caused by human CO2 emissions is too small to cause climate change. There is no scientific basis to restrict human CO2 emissions because human CO2 does not change the climate.

All climate politics are irrelevant because the IPCC has not proved human CO2 is the cause of climate change.

Invitation to you who live near Phoenix

Some Arizona residents have asked me if they can attend my AMS poster presentation. The answer is yes, but the AMS will charge a registration fee. The fee is much too high, in my opinion, just to attend my presentation. 

A better idea would be for someone who lives in Phoenix to organize a time and place for me to present my PPT talk after the AMS meeting on January 8. The AMS meeting closes at 6:00 pm. If the location for my proposed talk is near the Phoenix Convention Center, we should be able to begin at 7:00 pm. I will be happy to do this and I won’t charge you anything for my presentation.

Here are relevant links:

Link to AMS posters (my poster is at the bottom of the page):

Link to my scientific poster:

Link to my scientific paper:

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