Comments and Replies on Berry (2019a)

Berry (2019) plus 55 comments by John Nielsen-Gammon
and 55 replies by Ed Berry

Good science needs good critique and defense. This report lets you read both sides of the discussion on Berry (2019).

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topics Covered

The Science Problem

Are the values in IPCC AR5 Fig. 6.1 valid?

The Physics Model

Is the Physics model a valid systems model?

The IPCC Model

Is the IPCC Bern model a valid systems model?

Theories Must Replicate Data

Are the 14C data a fair test?


Regent Professor, Department of Atmospheric Sciences, Texas State University 

Texas State Climatologist, and Director of the Texas Center for Climate Studies. 

John Nielsen-Gammon


CEO, Climate Physics LLC, Bigfork, Montana, USA.

BS, Engineering, Caltech

MS, Physics, Dartmouth College

PhD, Physics, U of Nevada

Edwin X Berry

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  • Nielsen-Gammon has made extensive comments on Berry (2019).
  • Berry thinks Gammon’s comments are incorrect and invalid.
  • What do you think?

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